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Flour and Chocolate

Flour and Chocolate, Morningside
I heard that pregnant ladies have cravings and some people have extremely weird cravings! Luckily I did not have any crazy cravings except for the occasional hunger for desserts. So, I made my way to Flour and Chocolate in Morningside and got myself some goodies.I had to resist myself to finish all and await Mr from work so he canhave his share.

If I hadn't had GDM (gestational diabetes), I would have bought more! Everything is just so tempting in Flour and Chocolate. Finally, after much deliberation, I bought a pistachio eclair, custard doughnut and an almond cake with raspberry.

My favourite among those would be the custard doughnut. The soft pillowy doughnut with the smooth custard was just so yummy! While the eclair was good, I just found the pistachio flavouring to be a touch artificial. The almond cake was good as well. As I am writing this, I co