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Smoked Paprika

Smoked Paprika, Paddington It is on rare occasions that we get to leave the house and have brunch especially with the little one! Gosh, I miss my good old times when I can just go out and have brunch without trying to find the right time aka not a nap time, baby is not cranky or tired, etc...
Well, once we hopped into the car, we drove to Ashgrove/Paddington and made our way to the undercover parking for Smoked Paprika. Despite being a weekend, thankfully it was not busy (because it will not be fun for a baby to wait). As it was close to lunch time, we ordered one meal from the breakfast menu and one from the lunch menu.
My well deserving coffee aka flat white was just perfect and I could not be happier. Mr's smoothie of strawberries and banana hit the spot as well! 

Looking through the menu, I just could not skip past the baked eggs with chorizo and feta cheese. My taste buds began to tingle just looking at the dish! It was creamy, tomato-ey, cheesy and everything you wanted in baked…

Motto Motto

Motto Motto, Chermside

Oops.. a burger on its own at Betty's Burger was not filling enough for us so we went to Motto Motto for our second dinner. Hehe! In comparison to Betty's Burger, it was not as busy and service was quick and prompt.

The paper menu is easy to read and finally, we ordered a pork katsu curry with seaweed fries and the wagyu beef bento set (addition of miso soup, edamame and chicken karaage for an extra of $7.90).

The curry sauce came separately, which is a good option as you can pour as much or as little as you want. However, the serving of the pork katsu was pretty small and after a few mouthful, there is certainly some leftover rice.

In comparison, the wagyu beef was more generous, and was tender. I enjoyed nibbling on the rest of the tidbits of edamame, seaweed fries and the chicken karaage. 

Motto Motto is a pretty modern Japanese restaurant and next time I would like to try their Japanese rolls.

Betty's Burgers and Concrete Co

Betty's Burgers and Concrete Co, Chermside

After hearing so much about Betty's Burgers and the opening of the new part of Westfield Chermide, together with the family of three, we went out and explore the new area! Oh my, the new section of the mall is so beautiful and exciting. Now, I cannot wait to bring Grace there again for more (window)shopping.
Orders are made at the counter and paid first prior to receiving our food. Reading through their simple menu, we ordered the Betty's Classic ($10) and the Pork Belly ($11), with a side of French fries ($5). 

The first thing I had to try was their fries. The shoe string fries were cooked to perfection, still crunchy and may be a bit better than the McD's fries. The burgers were wrapped in a leakproof paper making the process of eating less messy! I had few bites from both the burgers and would have to say they were quite good. I prefer the beef burger over the pork belly (because the flavours were not as good as the beef patt…

Kinn Thai

Kinn Thai, Upper Mount Gravatt
After so long, I managed to have dinner at Kinn Thai to celebrate Father's Day! We had to celebrate it a week earlier as my in-laws had to fly to the States for their niece's wedding. I am always excited to have Thai food because it is so different from my usual home cooking, which tend to be more mild in flavours.

What did we order? To start with, the chicken satay ($8) and 'Golden Tofu' ($6). The tofu was mediocre, and unlike other fried tofu that I had tried. The batter of the fried tofu is more of a sticky texture rather than crispy, making it less desirable. The chicken satay was okay, with quite a nice peanut sauce.

While the coconut chicken salad($18) was fresh, after a few bites I was not keen to have it further. It is probably because the amount of herbs in the meal was just too overpowering.

But luckily, the following few dishes were more impressive. The tom yum prawn ($13) was sour and spicy which is how I like it. The one serving …


Brewbakers, Albion

Since re-locating to the North Side, I have been wanting to try out some new bakeries and finally located Brewbakers at Albion. As I am still new to the north side, I had to take few turns to finally find the entrance of the parking lot (in front of Brewbakers). You had to drive further past the building complex, turn left and go behind the buildings to get to the parking lot. Makes sense?? Hehe..
Well, I read that their bagels were really good so I opted for the poppy seed bagel sandwich, together with some random delicacies which include a sourdough doughnut, chocolate chip bagel and a blueberry custard like cake.

The service was warm and friendly, always so patient with the indecisive me. I really enjoy their bagels whether it's savoury or sweet, and the mini cake was so moreish too. Well, I am looking forward to returning soon.