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Bris Bean Cafe

Bris Bean Cafe, Enoggera
It is nice to have some cafes around the suburbs as I really miss my previous old place where I could just walked out across the road and visit one. So when I realised Bris Bean which is not too far away from home, we went there for a short lunch. 
Ordering is at the counter and seats were plenty (whether indoor or outdoor). I ordered a flat white for myself and it was decent. I enjoyed the brownie that came with it. What a nice touch!
As for lunch, we had the Brisburger which came with spiced beef burger and beetroot relish. The beef burger was quite moist, and not dry at all and quite delicious with the beetroot relish. It was a decent burger. 
Besides that, we tried the scrambled eggs in avo. The cheesy scrambled eggs were served on top of avocado and ciabatta. I thought those eggs were cooked quite well, with crispy bacon bits. The salad do look a little dull though... 
Overall, quite a good effort from Bris Bean cafe. The coffee was enjoyable and the meals re…

The Brunswick Hotel

The Brunswick Hotel, New Farm On a weekend off when Mr does not need to work, we drove ourselves to New Farm for lunch at The Brunswick Hotel followed by a leisurely walk at the park. Gosh, love those strolls along the river!
Anyhow, back to our lunch... It was our first visit and quite enjoyable. For a Saturday lunch, it was relatively quiet and only one waitress on site. Nevertheless, she tried her best to serve us and thank you for that. While waiting for food and trying to settle a hungry baby, luckily there were board games available and Grace was pretty entertained by the Connect Four! Phew!

We had quite a feast that day and may have over ordered 😅. To start with, we had the onion rings and it was moreish and generous in serving. Delicious! As Grace is now eating solids and particularly like noodles, we ordered the spaghetti for her. Well, my baby is pretty fussy and I think she gave two thumbs up! I was busy feeding her throughout the lunch, and so thankful of the finger friendly…

Gerbino Pasticceria

Gerbino Pasticceria, Ashgrove
One day I was craving for some baked goods particularly the dessert kind and after noticing that Brewbaker is closed on a Monday, I found Gerbino under my radar. Quickly with the little one while she is still awake, we drove there. Parking is by the street and thankfully quite adequate.
Walking into the shop, you would not expect a lavish shop. Rather, it was quite old and I was quite comprehensive at first. They sell mostly Italian baked goods like biscuits of different sorts, to hot pies, quiche and even some cakes. There is also an ice cream stall attached next to the shop with a connecting door, and I wonder whether it is part of Gerbino's?
Anyhow, that day my eyes were attracted to the dessert especially the different types of cannoli (chocolate, vanilla and ricotta). I chose the ricotta cannoli and I became a happy mommy. The pastry was flaky and crunchy and the filling was just delicious! Not overly sweet as well. As for my second dessert, I order…

Mundo Churrasco

Mundo Churrasco, Bardon

I have to admit, I sometimes eat like a horse! Anybody out there? 
Well, with a crawler at home, life sometimes can be busy that I do not have the time to eat. When the in-laws suggested that Mr and myself go out for dinner while they look after Grace, I took up the offer and found Mundo Churrasco. This restaurant specialises in Brazilian Barbeque and it is sort of like a buffet, but served personally to each of the tables carrying a big skewer of meat and carved in front of you to your personal plates. It was certainly interesting and new for us.

Firstly we were given some sides that include garden salad, Brazilian potato salad, four grain salad, Brazilian cheese bread and cassava chips. I thought they were all right. The potato salad and four grain salad certainly tasted better than they looked. It was our first time trying out cheese bread and it was quite good.

Once that is done, we were served with lots of selection of meat skewers and since we were the first …