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Willow and Spoon

Willow and Spoon, Wilston

Willow and Spoon is one of my favourite cafe to go to in the Northside. I remember visiting this place with my housemate last time, and quite a lot has changed since for the better. We have been to this place twice in a matter of few months apart, and on this occasion we brought Grace along! Lucky her, there is a small play area set up at the garden next to the back deck. 

Willow and Spoon changed their menu since our last visit but the favourite 'The Willow' seem to be on the menu always. Who can resist it though? Cured pork belly with truffle scrambled eggs! Yum Yum Yum! Mr was just so happy to see this platter of food served in front of him. The pork belly was tender and flavourful, and he certainly was a satisfied man after that!

My other dish then was poached eggs on haloumi with turkish bread. You can never complain when the eggs were poached to perfection. We ordered a side dish of hash brown and just a little disappointed that those hash weren…

Tomato Brothers

Tomato Brothers, Wilston

Anyone hungry and keen for 'All You Can Eat Pizza?' Tomato Brothers has all you can eat pizza or pasta every Tuesday ($25), and Mr took us there to celebrate my birthday this year. I got a reaction when I told my colleague I had my birthday dinner there. It may not be fancy or fine dining but it does not matter because Grace had such a great time! She must be excited because she get to stay up later than her usual bedtime. ;)
How does it work? This AYCEP consisted of entree of garlic bread and dips. Following that, you can choose either pasta or pizza from their list. You can start ordering the next meal once you are nearly done with the current pizza or pasta.

The entree of garlic pizza bread was piping hot when they arrived. Grace managed to have little bites here and there and it was so fun seeing her enjoying them. The dips that came together include pesto based, aioli, sour cream and sweet chilli and olive based dip.

As for the pasta, we ordered the b…

Warawara Izakaya

Warawara Izakaya, Brisbane CBD

Korean food is something I appreciate and it is usually my first option to go when in the city. Having been to Maru restaurant, this time I told Mr that I wanted to try Warawara. We tried to visit this place prior but gave up after knowing there was a queue. We were lucky there was no wait that night.

After being seated, we looked at their big menu. As it has been raining in Brisbane continuously, I wanted something hot and soupy therefore opted for the 'Special Sharing Hot Pot'. The mixed sausage hot pot intrigued me, especially with slice of cheese on the dry noodles! The hot pot arrived and after cooking/boiling them for about 5 minutes, they were ready! Where should I even start? There were straw mushrooms, pork slices, cheerios, tofu, rice cakes, and gyozas! It was definitely a heartwarming meal for us and with that excitement, I splattered some of the soup onto my pants. Hehe!

Now back to the entree, we tried their entree size deep fried chick…

Miss Jones

Miss Jones, New Farm
Excuse me Grace, will it be all right if we go to Miss Jones for brunch and then go to your park later?
I am so due for a brunch with ChaMo and so happy that we both got the same Friday off and I suggested visiting Miss Jones. Why not? When I can bring Grace to her favourite park in New Farm after that. This is called opportunistic parenting, ahaha.
Parking can be tricky and busy, but luckily for us I managed to park across the road from Miss Jones. I would suggest parking on the road of Balfour St and then walk there. Anyhow, back to Miss Jones. It is a fairly small cafe and seats were still plentiful that Fri morning. But wait till the 10 am coffee rush, people just started coming in for their takeaway coffees.

As we were still early, I ordered a croissant ($5) for Grace. They were nicely toasted and served with soft butter and blueberry jam. She ate few bites and had enough. Well too bad, I finished them off!

The breakfast menu here is fun and interesting. The Bakla…

Barolos Italian Restaurant

Barolos Italian Restaurant, Toowong

Child free night? Yay!
 That means dinner date with Mr and this time we were lucky to be invited to Barolos to try their food. It was previously known as Mariosartic and recently have changed management under Carrie and Giustino. It was raining on Friday night and that did not deter us from visiting. There is a free parking site (2P) available opposite the restaurant and we were early enough for some parking spots.

Service was warm and prompt. After reading the menu, I knew what I wanted to eat and try. We were frequently asked for any drinks but politely declined. There is a bar available and once you go through their drinks list, you will be impressed. The peppery breadcrumbed calamari was well balanced and I love the fresh rocket salad on the sides, together with the black garlic aioli. 

 For the entree, we ordered the calamari fritti. I thought I had tried good calamari before, but this is one of the best! Seriously, the squid was cooked to perfect…