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Dapur Dahlia

Dapur Dahlia, Woolloongabba Yup, another post about Malaysian restaurant as I was not thoroughly satisfied after my visit to Sri Mahkota! This time, Mr had a meeting nearby and we decided to have dinner somewhere closeby so I chose Dapur Dahlia. I have not been to their original location at Mount Gravatt, and they have since relocated to Gabba. It looks fairly new and definitely very clean here. 

Malaysian food is known for its diversity as we are a multicultural country and Dapur Dahlia specialises more in Malay style Malaysian food rather than the chinese version. I was excited because I get to try some chicken satay; I usually avoid ordering satay because they could not beat those from home. But I gave Dapur Dahlia a chance and they certainly did not disappoint. The satay sticks were grilled rather than just coated with peanut sauce. It was fairly close to the ones from back home. Their peanut sauce was rather authentic and well-balanced. On that night, they gave us free ketupat (ric…

Sri Mahkota Malaysian Cuisine

Sri Mahkota Malaysian Cuisine
Once in a while, the cravings for Malaysian food kicks in and I had to visit a Malaysian restaurant for my char koay teow (CKT) cravings. This time we went to Sunnybank Hills and visited Sri Mahkota. I have been here previously - to try their fish noodle soup (it was definitely a good one and I had it then because fish soup was supposedly good to boost your breast milk supply!).
As I really wanted a CKT, I obviously ordered their version. It came in a rather huge plate with couple of pieces of prawns, squid and fish cakes. Hmm... I do not think that their CKT is the best in Brisbane. The 'wok hei' was missing and the flavour was just not strong enough.

Silly me, I ordered another rice noodle dish that night and it was the wet hor fun version - beef hor fun. The beef was sliced, and tender, and not overcooked. The letdown again was the sauce of the hor fun - I thought it could be stronger. Nevertheless, Sri Mahkota was still busy that night, being ful…

Deedot Coffee House

Deedot Coffee House, Holland Park
This is probably one of the cafes that I wish that it is close to my house! Unfortunately not, unless we move to the south side... I have been to Deedot few years ago and during this visit, I was meeting up with an old friend who has just got a new baby girl and we met up for a cuppa of drink which turns out to be taro latte for me!

Since Deedot, I have been checking other cafes whether they serve taro latte but so far seem to be no luck. Unlike coffee or matcha or turmeric latte, taro is definitely for those with the sweeter tooth and it was delicious! 
Debbo had scrambled eggs on toast while I ordered their mushroom dish. I seriously could not fault this dish at all. It is a 10/10 for me! Love the creaminess of the mushroomy puree, together with the perfectly poached egg on a toast... I could seriously lick that plate. Ahahah!

I think I need to organise another catch up with Debbo so I could visit Deedot again. :)