Jumak, Brisbane CBD

Korean food is one of my go to comfort food and when the zomato organiser invited me to a food blogger event at Jumak, I certainly did not hesitate. Together with Mr, we both made our way to the city. Jumak is situated along Margaret St, quite a distant from the stretch of your usual Korean restaurants. In comparison to other Korean restaurants (eg Maru or Warra Warra), it is more calm and smaller. They have certainly put an effort in painting the wall mural.

I was not sure how the food blogger event would turn out and what we would be served. There were four people allocated to each table, and we were served with different main meals. For us, we had the rice cake hot pot which included four different types of ‘small bites’ such as potato hash cake, fried dumplings, prawn tempura and as well as a 'seaweed fritter'. They were all very nice. The soup base was not overly spicy and has a hint of sweetness.


'Seaweed fritter - with clear glass noodles inside'
Our next main was the Korean fried chicken! Yay! They came in two different flavours – honey soy and sweet chilli sauce. Gosh, the fried chicken was amazing! The skin was crispy and most importantly, those meat were tender! If you are worried about getting your hands dirty, they do provide some gloves too. So, which flavour do I prefer? The consensus on the table was the sweet chilli base sauce, as the honey soy was a little too sweet.



We were also given the $10 lunch option to try – bulgogi beef rice with some vermicelli noodles and lettuce. For $10, it is definitely a good deal but I would certainly prefer more sauce for the rice.


As there were so many of us, they prepared a ‘family sized bibimbap’. Rather than having any meat based protein, this one is mostly eggs and vegetable. It was simple and lovely but would be better if you have ordered a protein on the side. Next to our table, they were served some pork belly slices and oh my, they were good as well. It was tender and soft, nice together with the kimchi.


We managed to try some of the ‘Spicy chicken and cheese’ from the next table. Gosh, it was way too spicy for me and I had to stop after one bite. If you are a fan of chilli, I would definitely recommend this. If not, stray away!

The service throughout the night was efficient and prompt. We got to meet the owner Ricky, and he was friendly and knowledgeable, explaining what was our dinner that night. Thank you again for having us and I would definitely order the fried chicken again!

PS: As always, the opinion is always of my own.

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