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Tippler's Tap

Tippler's Tap, Teneriffe

We are already half way through our first rotation of work and I am enjoying it so far! I am very thankful and grateful to be able to land myself a position. Really fortunate indeed. :)
During our first week of orientation, a group of us had a gathering at Tippler's Tap. What better way to socialise other than flowing alcohol (beer taps and wine) and finger food??

I have not been to Tippler's Tap before and you may miss it if you are not looking for it. It is sort of like a 'shed' looking building from the outside. First up for the guys was to the back of the bar for some beers. As I have very very low alcohol tolerant, I chose the apple cider instead. Most people chose the 'IPA' version and commented it was good. (PS My knowledge about beer is near minimal and I had to enquire what's IPA- India Pale Ale). 

We had so much food that night! From sliders, chips, reuben sandwich, grilled corns and fried chicken wings! There were few di…

Rogue Bar + Bistro

Rogue Bar + Bistro, Newstead
I have heard good reviews about Rogue Bar + Bistro from few people and their enthusiasm about this place has certainly sparked my interest. Together with MXM, we both visited Newstead, another quiet industrial looking neighbourhood. We arrived around 11.30 am and breakfast service has finished.

So, we had lunch instead. The menu is easy and simple, and you choose your preference of 'lamb', 'pork', 'beef' and 'chicken' etc. The settings in Rogue Bistro is simple and I like it. We sat just outside the kitchen and I knew our food is coming because of the aroma! 

Their coffee are from Blue Sky and I had the usual skinny flat white while MXM had his long black. Asking about coffee? Ask MXM as he is an expert. I think the coffee was all right.

I was intrigued by the 'pork' so I chose that. The pork was cooked to just well done, served on a bed of green beans and corns, with sweet potato or pumpkin puree. Sorry, I could not rem…