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REVIEW:Morning After

Morning After, West End
Looking through my old photos, I realised that I have not blogged for a very long time. Hopefully my current momentum will keep me blogging! On the days when hubby is at work, I will try to explore some new cafes and treat myself to some brekkie! Morning After has been on my radar, and finally on an early Saturday morning, I visited Morning After.
It was not busy, however, all the 2-seater tables have been occupied and the only choice I had was the shared bench. There were so many interesting options on the menu from the sweet corn pakora, carbonara and Boston baked beans.... Well, I was very tempted to order any of that, however, I was just craving some Eggs Benedict that day. The hollandaise sauce was good, served on top of two perfect poached eggs with thick toasts. Yum! My chai latte aka 'chai boy' was all right, thought it could be more warm.

Anyhow, hoping that I will be able to return to Morning After in the future to try more of their goodies. :)

REVIEW: Hawker

Hawker, Chinatown, Sydney
We never miss a visit to Mamak each time we visit Sydney, and on our last trip, we visited Hawker, which is a sister restaurant to Mamak. Instead of Indian Malay influenced food, Hawker serves Malaysian Chinese street hawker food!
I try to order meals that are not available in Brisbane and there were a few that caught our eyes. Having tried the 'Lor Bak' in the past, we just had to order them again because we enjoyed it so much last time! 'Lor Bak' is actually a five-spiced marinated pork meat wrapped in tofu skin and then deep fried. Back in Penang, 'lor bak' is also served with additional snacks such as tofu, spring rolls, prawn fritters with chilli sauce and most importantly the 'lor' aka starchy sauce. Hawker certainly sticks to the tradition which I like!
Next up, is the 'poh piah'! It is another version of fresh spring roll containing shredded vegetables (mostly yam beans), with lettuce, tofu, omelette and shallots.…