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Lunar Cuisine Restaurant

Lunar Cuisine Restaurant, Sunnybank
Lunar Cuisine is a fairly new restaurant in Sunnybank and we visited this place for dinner a couple of weeks ago with SaC's family. The menu here is seriously like a magazine and you order and tick through the form. Lunar specialises cuisine from a region of China (which I cannot remember or pronounce) but mostly spicy food!

Free tea and congee available from the front section of the restaurant. We tried a number of dishes and the first one was the 'sliced boiled pork with garlic sauce'. I like this dish although the sauce can be quite spicy. 

Another favourite dish of mine was the 'marinated roasted duck'. The meat was quite tender and marinated well with the soya sauce. I enjoyed it!

Lunar Cuisine has monthly promotion for a specific meal and the meal for that month was  this sweet and sour fish. The special deal was that this fish will be priced according to the day of the month. For example, on the 15th March this dish will be at…


Trang, West End

Surprisingly, Vietnamese restaurant is not popular at all back in Malaysia. They don't mushroom like the vietnamese restaurants here in Brisbane, which is unfortunate for those craving for some Vietnamese spring rolls, pho or even grilled pork!
Therefore, I took grandma, mom and cousin to Trang to try some Vietnamese food while they were here a couple of weeks ago. 
First up, we had their pork and prawn spring rolls. Fresh and delicious! 

I ordered the wanton with BBQ pork noodles for grandma. The broth was light and full of flavour. Hmmm.. not sure what kind of noodles they used (not egg noodle, vermicelli or even rice noodle) but it sure tasted good. 

Their crispy chicken with rice was also quite good. But my all time favourite 'grilled pork with vermicelli' was the clear winner of the night. The pork was really tender and  the freshness of the bean sprouts, cucumber, lettuce and carrots blended well with the sauce and rice vermicelli. 

We all had a good time e…


Anouk, Paddington

Last month was one of my busiest time of the year with work and especially with moving house! I have finally settled into the new place but the lack of internet is driving me a little crazy and hence the absence of new post!

I have visited Anouk twice this year in such a short period of time. First occasion with Lainey and second with my family members when they visited me here Down Under.

And on both occasions, we tried their 'potato and courgette rosti, sweet corn and tomato ragu with sour cream'. We love it! The rosti was crunchy and the sauce accompanying it was excellent.

I tried their 'polenta bilini with smoked salmon, chive cream fraiche and cress' on my outing with Lainey. I do like this dish but my counterpart said otherwise. The flavours in this dish are more subtle and not as strong as the tomato ragu; but certainly a light and delicious dish.

One of the highlight for me in this trip was the ability to teach grandma to order her own cup of l…