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Bunker, Milton
Before visiting Melbourne, I thought that Brisbane coffee was pretty good. Unfortunately, after trying Melbourne's coffee, I may have to think twice... 
Anyway, MXM and myself met up at Bunker for coffee before heading to our books for more studying! Knowing that he'll need a good cuppa of coffee after six weeks in Clermont, I suggested the Bunker for our caffeine boost. Luckily it was opened on the Labour public holiday.

MXM with his new toy hanging around his shoulder!

Instead of my usual flat white, I opted for the cappuccino knowing that they used chocolate shavings! Haha, I've been here before with Grace and envied her then when she ordered cap!

MXM with his long black. I think he likes it ... well, way way better than instant coffee. Bunker certainly offer good quality coffee in Brisbane. I'll have to return for their hot chocolate now.

Malaysia Makanan

Malaysia Makanan, Calamvale
What's with this Malaysian food?, you may be asking. 
Maybe I'm homesick...
Anyway, AQ told me about this place and recommended it to me. Dragging AQ along, we went to Calamvale. Another new area for me to explore!
There were so many things that I wanted to try but in the end we decided to share the Mee Goreng and Char Koay Teow. You can choose from the options of chicken, beef, combination or seafood. One who doesn't eat beef and the other who doesn't like seafood, we were left with chicken for both dishes.

The servings for both meals were huge! The mee goreng feels quite authentic, with the tofu pieces, tomato and curry leaves? I actually don't remember having curry leaves in my mee goreng back home. I guess the presence of curry leaves enhanced the curry flavour in this noodle dish instead of the normally spicy-sourish mee goreng...

One component that is missing from the CKT dish is the 'hot wok burnt taste'. Does that even make sen…

Little Hong Kong

Little Hong Kong, Sunnybank
A day when I craved for some meat ... Not plain meat but some roasted duck! With Simcoe, we headed to Little Hong Kong. The display of BBQ pork, roast pork and roast duck certainly looked very tempting from a distance.
Finally, we ordered:

Quickly, I grabbed a piece of the duck breast! I was already salivating from the smell ... I was so happy because my cravings had been satisfied by this tender piece of roast duck! I tried the BBQ pork and they were pretty good. *happy*
We ordered another dish too.
I can't remember the exact name of this dish. It doesn't matter because I will not order it again in the future. Why? Too oily and pretty bland. We had to be creative and added soya sauce, chili sauce and leftover hoisin sauce to flavour it up!
I will only return for their roast selections. 

Carraway Pier

Carraway Pier, Kelvin Grove
Still in the northside suburb after a tutorial, Simcoe and myself grab fish and chips from Carraway Pier for dinner. It was before 7 pm on a Wednesday night and the shop was already pretty packed! Browsing through the menu, we ordered the 'Double Pack'.

We had few options for the sauce (aioli, tartare, tomato, BBQ, sweet chili, sourcream, hot chili and mayonnaise). But I gave Simcoe only two choices: either an aioli or tartare and AIOLI it is! 
So, how's the crumbed fish? It was amazing! I really like the freshness of the fish and the crispiness of the crumbed bits ... My favourite part is the tail or sharp ends of the fish! :) The other counterparts: calamari was not overcooked and not chewy while the prawn cutlets were pretty good. 
How's the chips then? Ya, they were pretty good too but my number one spot for chips is still Salt and Battery.
I will be back Carraway Pier! By the way, they take 'Cash only'.

In A Pickle

In A Pickle, Camp Hill
Normally, I don't have any reasons to go to the eastern suburbs. But, for the past seven weeks, I have been traveling to Manly for my rotation. While driving, I wonder whether there's any hidden gem in the surrounding suburbs?
Finally, I came across 'In A Pickle'. It's situated just in the corner of Martha St. The cafe is actually pretty small, predominantly having tables along the corridor outside the cafe. 

Looking through the menu, I finally decided on the Specials of the Day.

My usual skinny flat white. Coffee by Segafredo.

The coffee was just OK. Definitely not the best one in Brisbane.
The specials of the day: 

The sweet potato and haloumi rosti made up as the base of this towering stack of grilled eggplants, balsamic onions, bocconcini and finally the green tahini. Straying from my usual poached eggs, I decided to order this dish due to its unique combination. It certainly made an impression but the rosti can be improved with a little more of…

Little Malaysia

Little Malaysia, West End 

Yup, I know ... Another Malaysian restaurant that I visited! This time, with Siren, both of us visited Little Malaysia after an indoor rock-climbing (on another occasion)
As usual, I ordered my Char Koay Teow (Fried Flat Noodles). This is how i can gauge the authenticity and quality of each Malaysian restaurant I visited. 

First impression: Too oily!  Second: The flat noodles were too soft and they break quite easily. Flavourwise: Pretty good
I think this CKT was all right. Definitely not the best I had in Brisbane but Siren likes it very much, much more than the Hainanese Chicken rice.

This dish was all right. The rice was cooked the right way, with hints of chicken flavour accompanied with quite tender chicken; garlic ginger sauce. 
Little Malaysia certainly offer a nearer alternative for Malaysian food if you have sudden cravings for them. 

Tibetan Kitchen

Tibetan Kitchen, West End
Finally, I have the time to catch up on blogging! Yay!
After a sweaty and tired workout in Urban Climb for an indoor rock-climbing (more than a month ago!), the five of us made our way to Tibetan Kitchen for a late dinner. It was a Friday night and there was people bustling around Trang and its neighbour, Tibetan Kitchen.
Haven't had the taste or any clues about Tibetan food, we were lucky because one of our company had spent his time in Tibet for a month. He did warned us beforehand that the food here wasn't as authentic as the food in Tibet though. 
Anyway, after much contemplation, we ordered:

The pakhora was all right. It could be better with more onions maybe?

Even though these dumplings looked like Chinese/Japanese dumplings or gyoza, they definitely taste different. Tibetan dumplings are fully packed with minced meat with its seasonings, more on the sourish side. 
Since each of us has different tolerance to 'spicy factor', we ordered individua…