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Kamikaze Teppanyaki

Kamikaze Teppanyaki, Westfield Garden City

Anyone reads the free weekly Chinese newspapers that can be collected in Sunnybank? Although I cannot read Mandarin and barely speaks Mandarin now, I enjoy looking through the advertisements particularly regarding opening of new restaurants or even what is up on offer!
Ahhaha, thanks to my MIL, Kamikaze Teppanyaki had a voucher for 'Buy 1 get 1 free' for bento, ramen or udon meals. After dropping off Grace at the in-laws, Mr and myself made our way to Garden City to have lunch at Kamikaze. As we were there right at the lunch opening hour, we were the first customer to arrive. A menu was given and I so want a bento set and ordered the unagi, and the prawn tempura ramen.

Sitting outside, we could see one chef getting the teppanyaki table ready and soon after could see him performing 'fire ball'. Well, he was entertaining other guests with his culinary fire skills. 😊 

Our meals arrived shortly and I was happy with the unagi bento s…

The Newmarket Hotel

Newmarket Hotel, Newmarket
It is really lovely that Mr and myself get to go for dinner dates almost weekly now since the in-laws are able to look after Grace. That also means visiting more restaurants! As Grace has an early bed time around 7pm, we had to have dinner around 5 pm (ya, it is pretty early..) but we do not mind. 😀
This time we visited Newmarket Hotel and I am excited to see what will be in store for us over the next few weeks once the new building is completed! Anyhow, back to Newmarket Hotel. I have not been here before and this place is bigger than Brunswick Hotel (comparing the bistro/restaurant size). As it was fairly early for dinner, we were one of the two occupants there. Service was prompt and quick.

For starters, we tried their Newmarket Calamari ($15). It came with garden salad and garlic aioli. The calamari was tasty and tender. We certainly wished there were more pieces on the plate.

Mr had the Graziers Rump ($35), in which his 400g Black Angus steak was cooked to…

The Stuffed Badger

The Stuffed Badger,Bowen Hills
In the blink of an eye, a year has passed and Grace turned one year old...and what a better way to celebrate then having lunch with da-da during his lunch break? The Stuffed Badger is so conveniently located opposite his work place, and so thankful that we managed to find street parking that day.
Our lunch time is unpredictable and it all depended on Grace's nap time. We arrived around 11.30 and were the first there. It is quite a tiny restaurant, with only three workers (including the chef). Considering that, the flow and service of The Stuffed Badger were smooth and impeccable.

Now, let's talk about the food. It is mostly tapas style with some mains. Firstly, we had a flat white and a chai latte, both good. Making sure that Grace will have some lunch, I ordered spaghetti bolognaise for her, and this little one just keep slurping the noodles asking for more. I had a taste myself, and indeed a damn good spaghetti bolognaise but probably a touch oily…