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B+C Lab Cafe

B+C Lab Cafe
Anyone loves matcha? Then you really need to visit this cafe. After seeing the matcha crepe cakes from B+C Lab cafe in Instagram, I have been waiting for the right time to visit it. Despite being so eager to visit, taking Grace there would not be a good idea because she would not be able to eat anything (lol, not allowed at this stage)
So after lunch at Burger Urge, Mr and myself walked across the road to the cafe. You would miss this cafe if you do not focus. Follow the white tiles and you will find it. Once inside, you will not miss the glass cabinet display of their cakes selection. They had the Earl Grey crepe cakes special that day but I had to give it a pass for my matcha crepe cakes.

First of all, check out the vibrant green matcha colour. To me, that means B+C Lab do not skimp on the matcha (which is imported all the way from Japan). The crepe cake was heavenly with a very well balanced flavour of matcha and sweetness. It was creamy, smooth and just so good. Even t…

Burger Urge

Burger Urge, Kelvin Grove
Are you a burger fanatic? I do not consider myself as one but would want to enjoy a good decent burger. I have tried some of the restaurants in the Kelvin Grove village and yet to try the Burger Urge there.
As part of the lunch specials, we ordered the 'Boston Cheese' and 'Pineapple Express' burgers that came with sides of small chips and a soft drink. Mr opted for the healthy drink which is plain water while I had lemonade. Shortly after our meals arrived and they looked tasty.

Mr's Boston Cheese burger came with prime ground Australian beef, American style cheddar, pickles, BU special sauce, aioli and salad. His glazed milk bun burger was soft and a little smaller than my sesame seed bun. Overall, it was a good burger and a delicious one.

Pineapple and chicken in a burger? Ya, I do not mind them. The combination was quite refreshing from the pineapple but that means the juice is just dripping when you bite on to the burger. It was quite a ni…

Willow and Spoon

Willow and Spoon, Windsor
Finally on a child free day (Grace's first day in childcare), Mr and myself went out for a lunch date at Willow and Spoon. Certainly it was not a romantic setting, but we appreciate this little moment we have together. I think couples deserve this time together if possible! 
Parking was easy to find along the street, and there are plenty of seats at the back of the cafe. I have been here years ago and it has been upgraded with new paint and design. It is bright and lovely.

After browsing the menu, I knew what I want straightaway. I previously had a waffle dish (could not be bothered to blog about this place or maybe I should?) in another cafe and was so disappointed. I need to satisfy that craving and hence, ordered the Southern Fried Chicken with waffle. It turned out to be an amazing dish! Seriously love the crunchy fried chicken and it was paired beautifully with the waffle. The honey and bourbon beans were quite mild and not too overpowering. Simply good…

Brick Bistro Bar

Brick Bistro Bar, Redcliffe
One weekend, we went to Redcliffe for an outing and explored the morning market. Prior to that, we had early lunch so that Miss G will not get cranky! We stopped by at Brick Bistro Bar and thankfully just started their lunch session, which is mostly tapas style. While waiting for the meals to arrive, G had some colouring session with the supplied crayons and drawing papers. 

We certainly ordered quite a bit for two adults and one baby/toddler. Trying to guess what she will eat, we ordered a mix of food. The meals all came out around the same time and G was just salivating (maybe just a little)! LOL! 

Firstly, we ordered a kid's meal (cheese burger slider) that came with fries and soft drinks for $9. The bun was quite dry but the rest was delicious. Beef patty flavourful and really good chips. 

Now, to the tapas. We had the flatbread and it was definitely on the saltier side. Our most favourite tapas would be the calamari. After trying out so many salt and…