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The Rogue Rennard

The Rogue Rennard, Paddington

Starting night shift has changed my biological clock and even my eating pattern... I am now wondering what I should eat once I wake up from my sleep? Whether it is breakfast at 5pm or lunch/dinner at 5pm? Hmmm...
Well, that is not important for now. I know that at anytime of the day, I would like to go to the Rogue Rennard for any meals they have. It is currently my favourite brunch spot and I took mom there to try before she flew back to Penang. It is quite a small cafe with about 6 tables indoor but they do have seats outdoor.

They may have updated their menu now and I have tried two different versions of the menu. I enjoyed both times. I had my chai tea while mom had double shot for her cappuccino. 

I was trying to be adventurous that day and ordered the Morcilla sausage, without knowing what was 'Morcilla'. Before the food arrived, I told mom the sausage is probably not the 'normal' sausage and quickly googled it. Oops! 

I am glad that I to…

Pearl Cafe

Pearl Cafe, Woolloogabba
After a few hours of browsing the antique shops in the Gabba with my parents, my tummy started to grumble. LOL, when it comes to antique, my dad's receptor in his stomach will retire momentarily. 

As I want dad to experience the cafe here, I took him to Pearl Cafe. I have not visited Pearl for quite some time and they have changed their sitting arrangement. More spacious and I like it!
Looking at the menu, I sensed some dilemma as my dad is very conservative with his food. I need to find something chinese-oriented and I think that is going to be a dilemma...

Dad who rarely drinks coffee or tea, I ordered the lemon and mint drink for him. Oops, too sour but he finished it at the end. Mom had the cappuccino while I had my usual flat white.

The best option that I have chosen for dad was the 'fish finger' sandwich!

Let's just say dad had the fish while mom and myself devour what's leftover of his sandwich. As for myself, I have been wanting to try o…


Bishamon, Spring Hill
Pre-graduation, we invited the Lin sisters to have dinner with my mother and brother who came over to Brisbane. Both Lin's mom and my mom are best friends since their high school and we had great time listening to their childhood stories. Ahaha... some that are not known to Lin!
I have visited Bishamon with MXM for my birthday last year and I really enjoyed this place. We made a booking and made our way there! Street parkings are plenty after working hours. Ordering can be tricky as there are so many choices to choose from! Just note that the servings here are quite big so sharing is recommended.
First up, we had the 'Prawn kinusaya' for entree.

It is stir fried prawns and snow peas in a lettuce cup. The prawns were juicy and fresh. Delicious! 

Following that, we tried another of their chef's recommendation the 'B-roll'; which are rolled sushi with salmon, egg, cucumber and avocado. 

We all enjoyed the sushi. What not to like? When all my favour…