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Double Shot Espresso

Double Shot Espresso, New Farm
It is quite easy to take things for granted when things are easily available and accessible. For example, a good cup of coffee is certainly quite difficult to get when you are about 200km away from Brisbane! Finally after two weeks away from Brissy, I returned to Brisbane for the weekend and two of my good friends were around for brunch! 
Together with MXM and Simco, we visited Double Shot cafe in New Farm. It must be one of MXM's encounter while he was looking for properties in the surrounding area. Double Shot looks new and nice with its decor and it has both indoor and outdoor seatings. We were just a little confused whether it is a table or counter service but we finally got seats after waiting for about 10 minutes.

First up, a flat white for myself, long black for MXM and a chai latte for Simco. They were all good and the chai certainly had quite a strong hint of cinnamon.

Lol, great minds think alike! Simco and myself had eyes on their Shakshuka, …


Picnic, Camp Hill
Opportunity to meet up with MXM means brunch-ing! Few weeks ago, we chose Picnic for brunch prior to our busy day of moving and unpacking boxes. I visited Picnic once as a lonesome diner and I remembered this place being good. So, this time I suggested this place to MXM.
Well, luckily it was not busy and we managed to get seats indoor. It is indeed tricky to read the specials menu if you are seated inside inside! Maybe because of the rainy weather, I wanted something chocolatey and hence I ordered a cup of mocha.
I was so happy with my decision. Instead of chocolate powder, Picnic used chocolate sauce/syrup making the drink smooth and it was well-balanced with the caffeine shot. 
Our meals of sausages and corn fritters arrived quite decent in time.

MXM enjoyed his meal very much. I tried some of his sauce and it was good. The corn fritters were all right. Nothing really exciting really. If only I could get more tomato relish, I will be a happier person. :)
We had a good …

Era Bistro

Era Bistro, South Brisbane
Lots of planning has come to mind for the Mr's birthday celebration. I have bought tickets to Le Noir months ahead and all I needed was a pre-show dinner. Fortunately, Era Bistro does have pre-show dinners available and food can be served relatively early so that diners can make it to QPAC!

Well, we were fortunate that we managed to leave on time even though we did not order from the pre-show dinner's menu. :) 

To start with, we had their pizza of the day which consisted of chorizo on a tomato based pizza. All I can remember was that the pizza had a good base and their chorizo was one of the best I tried before. Yummy!

Shortly after, our mains arrived. The Mr had the angus sirloin and I myself, not surprisingly, had the duck breast. 

Our mains were lovely and the Mr certainly enjoyed his medium rare sirloin. I thought the duck breast may be a little undercooked to my liking, but otherwise, the pumpkin puree was smooth and sweet. Additional flavour to the…

China Inn Restaurant

China Inn Restaurant, South Brisbane

How often would someone genuinely forgotten their boyfriend's birthday and celebrate his birthday one day earlier? It is very embarrassing for me to admit it, but I did it. Oops! My memories seemed to bring me back to the date we spent his previous birthdays instead of his actual birth-date. Thankfully, the Mr was very forgiving that night. 
After our magical night watching Le Noir, we sped walked to China Inn for supper. The Mr had been updated regarding this new restaurant that specializes in dumplings! It must be our lucky night as we walked into the restaurant at 10 pm and they are still happy to serve us. 

Quickly browsing through the menu, I told the birthday man that I want to try their xiao long bao and their Peking Duck! 

So, here they are their Peking duck! It was not served in a soft bao but readily wrapped up in the pancake. The Peking duck was sliced thickly (which was awesome) and they tasted quite delicious. Not too bad!
Their Shangh…

Gerard's Bistro

Gerard's Bistro, Fortitude Valley

Hmm.... Finally I got the time to blog about my lovely time in Gerard's Bistro which I visited with Lainey a while ago prior to me heading to Kingaroy. I am still drooling thinking about the food we had there for lunch.
The menu must have changed since our last visit. We both enjoy occasional fine dining unlike our other halves. So it was perfect to catch up in Gerard's Bistro. The service can be a miss at time but the staffs were friendly.
First up, we had our favourite pork belly meal. Needless to say, the meat was flavoursome and tender. It was good!

Next up, we tried their quail dish and I so enjoyed it! I have to apologise that I could not remember the exact name of the dish. Trust me, they are both so good!

Without any contemplation, we ordered a chocolate dessert to share. The sweetness and heaviness of the chocolate were well balanced by the sourness of the berry/cherry sorbet. As far as I can remember, I think there is an element of da…