Picnic, Camp Hill
Opportunity to meet up with MXM means brunch-ing! Few weeks ago, we chose Picnic for brunch prior to our busy day of moving and unpacking boxes. I visited Picnic once as a lonesome diner and I remembered this place being good. So, this time I suggested this place to MXM.

Well, luckily it was not busy and we managed to get seats indoor. It is indeed tricky to read the specials menu if you are seated inside inside! Maybe because of the rainy weather, I wanted something chocolatey and hence I ordered a cup of mocha.

I was so happy with my decision. Instead of chocolate powder, Picnic used chocolate sauce/syrup making the drink smooth and it was well-balanced with the caffeine shot. 

Our meals of sausages and corn fritters arrived quite decent in time.

Spanish Breakfast - $16.90
Corn and zucchini fritters - $15.90

MXM enjoyed his meal very much. I tried some of his sauce and it was good. The corn fritters were all right. Nothing really exciting really. If only I could get more tomato relish, I will be a happier person. :)

We had a good time in Picnic. The food was pretty good and I may order mocha in the future due to their mocha! Hehe!

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