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Sushi Train

Sushi Train, Greenslopes

I visited this place when Greenslopes Sushi Train had their first year anniversary! That meant $3 for any sushi on offer !!! That day, we were smarter in terms of the timing... We went there around 4pm, so it was not as busy. We still had to wait but not as long when we had waited for Indooroopilly Sushi Train anniversary. 
We had so much that day, tried different kind of sushi that we would not normally order... For $3 per plate, I think they are worth the price considering them to be quite fresh on such a busy busy day. 

What did we try?

Fried Oyster

Grilled Scallops

PS: I still don't have the courage to try fresh scallops! ;)

Mock version of crab meat?

Fresh Salmon sushi

Ebi tempura sushi roll

Avocado and ebi tempura sushi rolls

We definitely had much more than all that. Even though it was a busy day, the staff members and service were quite efficient. The sushi was quite fresh and delicious. Not too bad. Unfortunately, we will have to wait for the next anniversary…

Symposium Cafe

Symposium Cafe, Fortitude Valley

Not too long ago, both Lainey and myself went out for brunch at Symposium Cafe to have a get together and catch up about our holidays, more importantly, her wedding registration. A big congratulations to her and her Mr. :)
Browsing through Lainey's Entertainment Book, I decided that we can use her voucher for Symposium Cafe and off we go to the valley. It was raining that day but we were quite lucky to get a street parking. The cafe is quite small and we were fortunate to get a table just outside the door.

We ordered our drinks first and Lainey had her usual mocha. As I am trying to stay away from coffee (to rule out the cause of my hiccuping), I had their chai tea. 

After Ponycat's chai, I don't think i can find a proper chai tea anymore. This is more like chai infused tea with milk by the side. I much prefer hot milk over the chai leaves. Does that make sense?

We have already agreed to sharing our meals and we both love haloumi! So, we had the…

3 Bamboo (Pre-CNY dinner)

3 Bamboo, Sunnybank

I consider myself fortunate to be invited to a pre-celebration CNY's dinner with SaC's family last February. On a Friday night, we had dinner at 3 Bamboo, whose location was unbeknown to me until we arrived. I just knew we will be having dinner at Sunnybank. 3 Bamboo is situated at Robertson, just across The Queen Elizabeth Hospital.
Walking into the restaurant, aquariums of live fish and lobsters were 'swimming' around waiting for their destiny. Well, unfortunate for them but they were indeed fresh and delicious. Yum!
Even though I am Asian, I cannot read Mandarin. It can be quite embarrassing at times but it is just too difficult to interpret and memorise the chinese characters. Therefore, I could not tell you exactly the name of the dish we had that day... But I will tell you what I have tasted!

The first dish that we had was 'Salted Chicken':

Oh my! The salted chicken was amazing! The chicken was really tender and I would not say that it was …

Tea and Niceties

Tea and Niceties, North Tamborine

I was just browsing through my photos in my phone and I realised that I have not been blogging as often as I should! A few of us visited 'Tea and Niceties' back in November last year, to celebrate our final exams of the year...
Lainey organised this high tea and even drove the three of us there. Thank you very much babe! Tea and Niceties was the first place i visited ever for a high tea, yup, my first ever experience... and it was such a good and lovely one. :)

When I first stepped into the shop, I was speechless. It was so beautiful and elegant, especially the table settings with its dainty floral cups and saucers. *really pretty*

I can't remember the exact pricing now but it was around $40 per person for the traditional high tea and $50 for the deluxe high tea which has extra items (was it panna cotta?). The food came in a three-tiered stands and it is to share between two people. So, there's two of everything.

Let's start from the ba…

Jetty Cafe

Jetty Cafe, Redcliffe

Not too long ago (well, it was last year actually), we bought a voucher to dine at Jetty Cafe at a value of around $45 for two-course dinner meals for two people. So, was it a good deal?
Let's see...
On a Sunday night, SaC and myself went all the way to Redcliffe for dinner. Luckily, the weather was not that bad and we had the chance to stroll along the jetty area before dinner. We were promptly seated to our pre-booked table and the service was nothing to complain about.

So, with the deal, we had two entrees and two mains. To get us started, we chose garlic bread and fried calamari among the dips, haloumi or even oysters! I am not a big fan of oysters yet.

The garlic bread ($8) is actually made of pizza bread; more like a pizza dough to me. I was expecting a toasted bread but their garlic bread was soft and dough-y. Not too bad. 

Their fried calamari ($12) was served with rocket salad and caper mayo. Nicely cooked, still tender and not chewy... Yum!

For the mains, …