Symposium Cafe

Symposium Cafe, Fortitude Valley

Not too long ago, both Lainey and myself went out for brunch at Symposium Cafe to have a get together and catch up about our holidays, more importantly, her wedding registration. A big congratulations to her and her Mr. :)

Browsing through Lainey's Entertainment Book, I decided that we can use her voucher for Symposium Cafe and off we go to the valley. It was raining that day but we were quite lucky to get a street parking. The cafe is quite small and we were fortunate to get a table just outside the door.

We ordered our drinks first and Lainey had her usual mocha. As I am trying to stay away from coffee (to rule out the cause of my hiccuping), I had their chai tea. 

Chai Tea
After Ponycat's chai, I don't think i can find a proper chai tea anymore. This is more like chai infused tea with milk by the side. I much prefer hot milk over the chai leaves. Does that make sense?

We have already agreed to sharing our meals and we both love haloumi! So, we had their truffled eggs benedict and haloumi with mushrooms.
Truffled Eggs Benedict served on zucchini fritters with hot smoked salmon - $16.50

I don't recall tasting any hint of truffle. Nevertheless, the eggs were poached to perfection. It was just an okay dish for me. I just felt that it was quite a dry dish with fresh spinach and shredded smoked salmon. 

Next up, we had the haloumi, mushrooms and tomato dish.

Grilled haloumi, field mushrooms, fresh tomato, basil with balsamic reduction - $17.50
This meal does make you feel guilty-free! With fresh tomatoes and lightly grilled mushrooms, and grilled haloumi. But for $17.50, I do think that this dish is a tad expensive...

Well, I think this place is just all right and a little overpriced. Unfortunately, I don't think I will return again in the future. 

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