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Tibetan Kitchen, West End

Finally, I have the time to catch up on blogging! Yay!

After a sweaty and tired workout in Urban Climb for an indoor rock-climbing (more than a month ago!), the five of us made our way to Tibetan Kitchen for a late dinner. It was a Friday night and there was people bustling around Trang and its neighbour, Tibetan Kitchen.

Haven't had the taste or any clues about Tibetan food, we were lucky because one of our company had spent his time in Tibet for a month. He did warned us beforehand that the food here wasn't as authentic as the food in Tibet though. 

Anyway, after much contemplation, we ordered:

Pakhora Onion Baje - 6.90
Crispy fried onion patties served with yoghurt & cucumber sauce
The pakhora was all right. It could be better with more onions maybe?

Namcheko Momo - $8.90
Typical Tibetan style meat dumplings served with homemade tomato chutney

Even though these dumplings looked like Chinese/Japanese dumplings or gyoza, they definitely taste different. Tibetan dumplings are fully packed with minced meat with its seasonings, more on the sourish side. 

Since each of us has different tolerance to 'spicy factor', we ordered individual main meals. You can always inform the waitress the spicy factor you want: mild, medium, hot, extra hot! We ordered rice too.

Tipan Tapan -$8.90
Fried Marinated Beef served with spicy baked potato 

Nepalese Curry

Tofu Curry - $12.90
Creamy lime, ginger curry with silken tofu, spring onions, tomatoes and coriander

I ordered tofu curry after browsing through the food reviews. It definitely did not look as inviting as the rest of the dishes. But it does not matter, as long as it taste good. The flavour of the curry was awesome! The mixture of lime and ginger and the spiciness was in perfect balance. Yum! There's another choice for this lime, ginger curry if tofu is really not your thing. :)

Aloo Ping - $16.40
Tibetan Platter - lamb, roasted spicy potatoes & tee momo dumplings

The expert friend ordered the Tibetan platter. He said it was all right. The spiciness of the lamb curry was what he wanted; 'extra hot'. Anyway, he tried my tofu curry and couldn't stop himself dipping his dumplings into my curry throughout the night. It was that good ...

Kukhura Ko Jol - $16.90
Pieces of chicken, two chapati breads, mixed vegetable curry, lentil dhal & homemade chutney

Another friend has this dish. She cleaned her plate clean. So, I'm assuming it must be pretty good too.

It is definitely not easy to decide what to order in Tibetan Kitchen. Each food is special in their own way and it takes time to interpret the Tibetan names. 

The Verdict: Give it a go if you are running out of ideas!

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