Carraway Pier

Carraway Pier, Kelvin Grove

Still in the northside suburb after a tutorial, Simcoe and myself grab fish and chips from Carraway Pier for dinner. It was before 7 pm on a Wednesday night and the shop was already pretty packed! Browsing through the menu, we ordered the 'Double Pack'.

Double Pack -$23
2 cod, 6 crumbed calamari, 4 prawn cutlets, chips and small sauce

We had few options for the sauce (aioli, tartare, tomato, BBQ, sweet chili, sourcream, hot chili and mayonnaise). But I gave Simcoe only two choices: either an aioli or tartare and AIOLI it is! 

So, how's the crumbed fish? It was amazing! I really like the freshness of the fish and the crispiness of the crumbed bits ... My favourite part is the tail or sharp ends of the fish! :) The other counterparts: calamari was not overcooked and not chewy while the prawn cutlets were pretty good. 

How's the chips then? Ya, they were pretty good too but my number one spot for chips is still Salt and Battery.

I will be back Carraway Pier! By the way, they take 'Cash only'.

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