Bunker, Milton

Before visiting Melbourne, I thought that Brisbane coffee was pretty good. Unfortunately, after trying Melbourne's coffee, I may have to think twice... 

Anyway, MXM and myself met up at Bunker for coffee before heading to our books for more studying! Knowing that he'll need a good cuppa of coffee after six weeks in Clermont, I suggested the Bunker for our caffeine boost. Luckily it was opened on the Labour public holiday.

MXM with his new toy hanging around his shoulder!

Instead of my usual flat white, I opted for the cappuccino knowing that they used chocolate shavings! Haha, I've been here before with Grace and envied her then when she ordered cap!

A blurry image of MXM ...

MXM with his long black. I think he likes it ... well, way way better than instant coffee. Bunker certainly offer good quality coffee in Brisbane. I'll have to return for their hot chocolate now.

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