In A Pickle

In A Pickle, Camp Hill

Normally, I don't have any reasons to go to the eastern suburbs. But, for the past seven weeks, I have been traveling to Manly for my rotation. While driving, I wonder whether there's any hidden gem in the surrounding suburbs?

Finally, I came across 'In A Pickle'. It's situated just in the corner of Martha St. The cafe is actually pretty small, predominantly having tables along the corridor outside the cafe. 

In A Pickle

Looking through the menu, I finally decided on the Specials of the Day.

In A Pickle's Menu

My usual skinny flat white. Coffee by Segafredo. 

Flat White

The coffee was just OK. Definitely not the best one in Brisbane.

The specials of the day: 

Sweet Potato + Haloumi Rosti - $14
with eggplant, balsamic onion, bocconcini, green tahini

The sweet potato and haloumi rosti made up as the base of this towering stack of grilled eggplants, balsamic onions, bocconcini and finally the green tahini. Straying from my usual poached eggs, I decided to order this dish due to its unique combination. It certainly made an impression but the rosti can be improved with a little more of crispiness. 

In A Pickle is quite a gem for this neighbourhood. I'll probably drop by one day if fate allows. :)

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