Malaysia Makanan

Malaysia Makanan, Calamvale

What's with this Malaysian food?, you may be asking. 

Maybe I'm homesick...

Anyway, AQ told me about this place and recommended it to me. Dragging AQ along, we went to Calamvale. Another new area for me to explore!

There were so many things that I wanted to try but in the end we decided to share the Mee Goreng and Char Koay Teow. You can choose from the options of chicken, beef, combination or seafood. One who doesn't eat beef and the other who doesn't like seafood, we were left with chicken for both dishes.

Mee Goreng -$12.90
Yellow noodles with fresh curry leavs, tofu, tomatoes, shallots
Char Koay Teow -$12.90
Fried flat noodles with egg, chives and bean sprouts
The servings for both meals were huge! The mee goreng feels quite authentic, with the tofu pieces, tomato and curry leaves? I actually don't remember having curry leaves in my mee goreng back home. I guess the presence of curry leaves enhanced the curry flavour in this noodle dish instead of the normally spicy-sourish mee goreng...

One component that is missing from the CKT dish is the 'hot wok burnt taste'. Does that even make sense? Anyway, it is quite a good CKT with tender chicken pieces and right noodle consistency; not too soft nor too hard.

I'll have to return to Malaysia Makanan one day for their Hainanese chicken rice or laksa. That's what most people ordered when I peeked at their tables! :)

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