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Swampdog, South Brisbane
Date visited: 7th Jan
Dear readers,
I'm cutting my own queue again. There's a few more posts before this but I thought I should write this now. And it is going to be a while before I start posting again. I will be away next week celebrating CNY and my best friend's wedding at home. Yup, I'll be flying off to 'The Pearl of the Orient'. I can't wait! :D
Back to Swampdog! It's a pretty cool place except for parking. We parked in Southbank and walked there.  Some exercise before indulging in fried food + salad. :) The menu is on the blackboard and it's counter-service. I saw some ipads (displaying their website) on the counter, so maybe that's available to peruse before ordering.

Simco had the fish and chips - local line caught mackerel with chips.
He wanted his fish battered. I would have like them crumbed actually. So, the fish and chips came with a huge serving of chips and side salad. Fresh salad and pretty awesome chips. I am …

Lure on Latrobe

Lure on Latrobe, Paddington
Date visited: 28th Dec 2011
On that day, Grace and myself were planning to go to Dandelion and Driftwood after sending off her packed boxes to be sent home. Unfortunately, D&D was closed for the holidays. So, tossing between Paddington or New Farm (knowing that most cafes are probably open), we made our way to Paddington. 
It's about a year ago since we visited Lure on Latrobe. As usual, there was a queue but luckily it wasn't long.
Luckily, we got seats under the shed. It was pretty cozy.
I had their Eggs Benny last time and it was pretty good. This time I wanted something different. Anyway, drinks first!
If I'm not mistaken, this is Summer's coffee instead of iced coffee. I remembered the staff  saying there's cream in iced coffee. But this one is just milk + a shot of espresso + ice. This is definitely a change for Grace since she usually order cappuccino. The drink was cool and nice.
As for myself, I enquired how they make their chai te…


Wagaya, Fortitude Valley
Date visited: 24th Dec 2011
Grace and I were in the city the day before Christmas just to window-shop. We were preparing ourselves for Boxing Day Sale, aiming and jotting down the prices of clothes we want. That's the tactic! :)
Actually planning to go to Taro for their ramens, we ended up in Fortitude Valley during lunch time instead. So, Wagaya it is! There was only one table occupied during that time ... so quiet!
I think there is no need to talk about their 'ordering touch screen' now. But is it really that user friendly? It depends actually. There's no problem for us but our neighbours (elderly couple) seemed to be having trouble with it. (User- but not age-friendly?) Sometimes, it is easier to just raise our hand to get the staff's attention instead of squinting our eyes for the 'call me' button (I guess it depends on how busy it is)
The food choices are pretty limited during lunch time in comparison to their dinner menu. Grace s…

Morrison Hotel

Morrison Hotel, Woolloongabba
Date visited: 13th Dec 2011
That day, there was about 8 of us who went to Morrison Hotel for lunch. It was a farewell lunch for one of my colleagues but unfortunately, her daughter wasn't feeling that well and she had to skip it. The irony was that, this was supposed to be her farewell lunch. 
Oh well, eight hungry tummies still needed to be fed and all of us headed there ... It was pretty busy that time since other groups/companies were having their Christmas celebrations.
No steak for me and therefore, I opted for the Atlantic Salmon.

In comparison to others, the serving size was pretty small but still fulfilling. The salmon skin was grilled to perfection (like the crispiness). The waitress earlier said that they usually cook the salmon medium but I think it was well-done for me. Love the salad!
Before leaving to Morrison, a few of us had a quick tutorial from wikipedia about the various body parts of the cow. I think that's more difficult than the hu…

Auld Lang Syne

On New Year’s Eve, a bunch of us was standing in Southbank waiting for the 2012 countdown. After the fireworks, a friend asked whether anyone know the lyrics of Auld Lang Syne. I’ve listened and sang this song before but I could not remember. The only link I can make to this song is during farewell. I wiki-ed it and it says that the song is traditionally used to celebrate the start the New Year but also sung at funerals, graduations and as well as farewell.
Not long earlier, I dropped off Grace (my housemate) in the airport. She is leaving Aus for good! It was painful and difficult to say farewell. We both hugged and cried. Driving home, it was not easy to not drop a few tears. Slowly, it dawned upon me that I have to be more independent now. Haih, I am going to miss her so much! These past two years, she played so many roles from just a mere housemate to a close friend, teacher and a confidante. A person who lend me her shoulders when I was sad and down … Seriously, I am not sure how …

Carolina Kitchen

Carolina Kitchen, Coorparoo
Date visited: 17th Dec 2011
Carolina Kitchen - food for the soul

So, what is soul food? I have to wiki it and found some info about 'soul food'. From wikipedia, soul food seems to consist of African Americans cuisine and is closely related to Southern United States. It's definitely an interesting read. :)
The night before, a friend told me that he just shared a Bucket of Wings (25 pc) with another friend in Carolina Kitchen and craved how good they were. Too lazy to cook that night, G and I headed to Carolina Kitchen (situated at a corner in a quiet neighbourhood). It's a really small restaurant and probably sits about 14 people to the max. I think it caters more for take-aways.
I wanted to try little bit of everything and after deciding, I ordered and paid at the counter.
Obviously I have to give the wings a go! Hmm... What can I say about them? They were a little too burned and as a result, quite dry. (I showed this pic to that friend and he sai…