Lure on Latrobe

Lure on Latrobe, Paddington

Date visited: 28th Dec 2011

On that day, Grace and myself were planning to go to Dandelion and Driftwood after sending off her packed boxes to be sent home. Unfortunately, D&D was closed for the holidays. So, tossing between Paddington or New Farm (knowing that most cafes are probably open), we made our way to Paddington. 

It's about a year ago since we visited Lure on Latrobe. As usual, there was a queue but luckily it wasn't long.

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Luckily, we got seats under the shed. It was pretty cozy.

Lure on Latrobe's Menu
I had their Eggs Benny last time and it was pretty good. This time I wanted something different. Anyway, drinks first!

Summer's Coffee
If I'm not mistaken, this is Summer's coffee instead of iced coffee. I remembered the staff  saying there's cream in iced coffee. But this one is just milk + a shot of espresso + ice. This is definitely a change for Grace since she usually order cappuccino. The drink was cool and nice.

As for myself, I enquired how they make their chai tea/latte first before ordering (after my experience in Flute Fine Food). Three options available and I wanted the one with chai tea leaves. 
Chai Tea
The chai wasn't too bad, pretty good actually. The one pot serving made about three cups of chai for me.

Vego Big Start - $18.50
eggs any way, haloumi, oven-roasted tomatoes,
mushrooms, potato & feta hash brown
Lure's own baked beans and spinach
I ordered the 'Vego Big Start'. It's a simple and lovely dish. The haloumi's actually hidden under the toast.  I especially like their homemade baked beans and the potato & feta hash brown. The hash brown was good, love the crunchy exterior!

Rye toasted - $ 15
with fresh cottage cheese, avocado, tomato, lemon and basil
There must always be a source of protein for Grace, therefore she added sausages to her meal as well as a tomato relish. :) The rye bread was toasted to perfection, and the whole combination of cottage cheese, avocado and tomatoes worked well together. No fault with the sausages and tomato relish.

We had a good time that day, enjoying our time before going back to the harsh reality of cleaning and packing. 

The service in Lure was good. As we were sitting near the entrance, we saw that the queue was getting longer throughout the time. One male staff kindly offered some chairs to some of the elderly customers. Not bad!

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