Wagaya, Fortitude Valley

Date visited: 24th Dec 2011

Grace and I were in the city the day before Christmas just to window-shop. We were preparing ourselves for Boxing Day Sale, aiming and jotting down the prices of clothes we want. That's the tactic! :)

Actually planning to go to Taro for their ramens, we ended up in Fortitude Valley during lunch time instead. So, Wagaya it is! There was only one table occupied during that time ... so quiet!

I think there is no need to talk about their 'ordering touch screen' now. But is it really that user friendly? It depends actually. There's no problem for us but our neighbours (elderly couple) seemed to be having trouble with it. (User- but not age-friendly?) Sometimes, it is easier to just raise our hand to get the staff's attention instead of squinting our eyes for the 'call me' button (I guess it depends on how busy it is)

The food choices are pretty limited during lunch time in comparison to their dinner menu. Grace said that we have to try their green tea latte and I will never say 'No' to green tea. :)

Green Tea Latte - $4.50
Well, after my first sip:
Grace    : 'Is it good?' 
Me        : Emmm... It tastes a little sour.

She tried hers and yup, agreed that it's quite sour. The milk must be off. We informed one of the staff members. She apologised and returned with two new green tea latte. It's actually pretty good. I like the additional green tea ice-cream to it.

We ordered one sushi:

California roll = $10.90
Presentation wise, the California roll looked good. Unfortunately, I don't think they roll the sushi fresh because I can taste the soggy seaweed in the middle. I couldn't bite the seaweed off ...

We ordered a noodle set too:

Mentai Tonkotsu Ramen - $15.50
This noodle set was served with Takikomi (Japanese style cooked rice) with 2-pc gyoza. The tonkotsu broth was all right (not as good as Hakataya Noodles or Taro) and their pork slices were thicker than the ones in Taro. I don't really like the fried rice ... I can't figure out what the flavour's supposed to be, maybe mushroom? The gyoza wasn't that amazing too.

Maybe I need to try their other menu? But I'll certainly return for their green tea latte.

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