Auld Lang Syne

On New Year’s Eve, a bunch of us was standing in Southbank waiting for the 2012 countdown. After the fireworks, a friend asked whether anyone know the lyrics of Auld Lang Syne. I’ve listened and sang this song before but I could not remember. The only link I can make to this song is during farewell. I wiki-ed it and it says that the song is traditionally used to celebrate the start the New Year but also sung at funerals, graduations and as well as farewell.

Not long earlier, I dropped off Grace (my housemate) in the airport. She is leaving Aus for good! It was painful and difficult to say farewell. We both hugged and cried. Driving home, it was not easy to not drop a few tears. Slowly, it dawned upon me that I have to be more independent now. Haih, I am going to miss her so much! These past two years, she played so many roles from just a mere housemate to a close friend, teacher and a confidante. A person who lend me her shoulders when I was sad and down …  Seriously, I am not sure how she coped with me all these years but she did! J I guess I’m one of the lucky few that managed to have found this housemate-turned-friendship.

Has anyone else read the book by John Birmingham entitled ‘He Died with a Felafel in His Hand’? This book showcases true stories of share house accommodation in Australia in the 1990s. The writer has lived with 89 people before and had been keeping notes on all of them. Seriously, 89? Well, here’s an excerpt from the book (pg 32): ‘One day someone in our house used the washing-up brush to clean the toilet and then put it back in the sink. We found out about it six months later – we thought it was gross but as the brush had been through the sink about two hundred times since then, we didn’t figure there was much we could do. Not Mick however, he went and bought a whole new dinner setting and cutlery as well and never ate off any of the house crockery again.’

Thankfully, neither of us was that crazy ... I am wishing her all the best in the future and hopefully, one day, I will see her again! This is not the end but new beginnings for both of us and I hope that they will be good.


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