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Two Black Birds Cafe

Two Black Birds Cafe, Brisbane CBD
We chanced upon this cafe after Grace's swimming class back in early January when most cafes are still having their holiday. While Mr finds a parking spot, I ordered 'The Butcher's Block' for him, and a ham and cheese croissant for Grace.

I was interested in their Matcha Latte ($5.50) which is made of coconut milk with sprinkles of cinnamon. It is definitely not the usual matcha latte that I had previously, this one more chai based... and I thought it was okay. Certainly much prefer the usual matcha latte. 

The croissant came toasted and was quite good. Grace managed to have a few bites and we gave it a pass. The Butcher's block aka Big's Breakfast was generous. I like it that it came with house made baked beans and it was flavourful. The scrambled eggs were creamy and cooked to perfection. Overall, a very fulfilling meal.

They have other interesting dish on their menu that day, and this is one place that we most likely will retur…

Flour and Chocolate

Flour and Chocolate, Northgate
I was excited to know that Flour and Chocolate has opened another branch over in Northgate! Since moving over to the northside, I have not got the opportunity to return to the Morningside branch as it was relatively further away.
This time, their shop is way bigger and you do not need to worry about parking at all, as they have parking on site. It is also a cafe based, if you want to enjoy some drinks and pastries on site. That day, my aim was to try some goodies and bring them back home.

I initially wanted the ham and cheese croissant but one of the workers quickly took the last one away for the other customer. I think this can be tricky as they are serving multiple customers at the same time. In the end, I had their chocolate croissant which was good as well - the pastry flaky with generous amount of chocolate.

I got one of their mushroom and feta quiche and it was delicious. The pastry thin and flaky which is how I like it. Before I left, I bought their c…


Jumak, Brisbane CBD

Chapter IV

Chapter IV, Paddington

Me: "Do you want some soft shell crab?"
Mr: "For breakfast?"
Me: "Ya, I know a place that has it... "
So, we both ventured off to Chapter IV at Paddington. As it was on a weekday, parking was relatively easy and Chapter IV was still quiet. I do note that they have a play area and hoping to bring Grace here one day to try out their kids meal for $10. 
Their menu is quite extensive. Mr had the 'soft shell crab eggs benedict' while I ordered the 'crispy potato and cheddar hash cakes'.  
The food smell so delicious when the plates were served in front of us. His tower of crispy soft shell crab can certainly make you salivate... and I quickly grabbed one of the legs, and it was indeed crispy. I could not remember the base of the Benedict sauce but it was quite interesting, together with the mix salsa of tomatoes, beans and corn. Their eggs were poached to perfection.

The presentation of my hash cakes were beautiful and I was so …

Ikkairo Ramen

Ikkairo Ramen, Underwood The beginning of March means the end of summer and hopefully the weather will be cooler soon! Aren't we looking forward to that?

I have followed Ikkairo Ramen's page for a while and we finally made a visit there, after Mr's weekend job at Logan. It is situated few shops away from the Yuen's Fruit market and have both indoor (smaller) and outdoor seatings. As it was quite a hot day, we decided to sit indoor on the bench. Their menu is quite straightforward and they specialise in two different types of broth - prawn based or the tonkotsu (pork) based soup.
As a foodie, I obviously ordered both version- 'Tonkotsu Deluxe Ramen' for the Mr and I ordered the 'Prawn ramen with Tiger Prawn'. I seriously think they have the best ramen in Brisbane! Their broth was indeed creamy and full of flavour. They definitely do not skimp on the prawns as you could really taste the prawn flavour! 

Mr finished his noodles and I told him do not finish all …