Tea and Niceties

Tea and Niceties, North Tamborine

I was just browsing through my photos in my phone and I realised that I have not been blogging as often as I should! A few of us visited 'Tea and Niceties' back in November last year, to celebrate our final exams of the year...

Lainey organised this high tea and even drove the three of us there. Thank you very much babe! Tea and Niceties was the first place i visited ever for a high tea, yup, my first ever experience... and it was such a good and lovely one. :)

When I first stepped into the shop, I was speechless. It was so beautiful and elegant, especially the table settings with its dainty floral cups and saucers. *really pretty*

I can't remember the exact pricing now but it was around $40 per person for the traditional high tea and $50 for the deluxe high tea which has extra items (was it panna cotta?). The food came in a three-tiered stands and it is to share between two people. So, there's two of everything.

Let's start from the base:

There are four types of sandwiches (ham and cheese, chicken, cucumber and egg) cut into rectangles, circle and even heart shapes. That is why you need to pre-booked this place. They really put much effort into preparing their food. The sandwiches were allright, but I think my favourite is either the chicken or egg mayo. There's also spinach puff and savoury muffins. 

Enough of savoury food? Let's move up to the second tier!

Now, we are slowly transiting to the sweet items! Scones with strawberry jam and cream. It is simple but the scones were heavenly! 

At this stage, I was already quite full, especially when I have been filling up my bladder with the teas on offer. Nevertheless, I still tried some of their desserts. I can't remember much but they tasted sweet...

Now, back to the teas on offer from Tea and Niceties. 

I tried their 'chai' and 'Japanese Lime - green tea, lemon, lime peel and daisy flowers'. It was nice to end the high tea with something refreshing. Just a word of caution that the teapot is really hot, so be careful when handling it.

Check out their pinkish coloured sugar!

Tea and Niceties is a really nice and intimate dining place. The details and hardwork that they have put into the food preparation is something that they should be proud of. Well done! I hope to be back one day. :) 

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  1. Tea and Niceties has to be one of the loveliest high tea places I've ever been, and it's so great to see they provide a consistent product and service.


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