The Stuffed Badger

The Stuffed Badger,Bowen Hills

In the blink of an eye, a year has passed and Grace turned one year old...and what a better way to celebrate then having lunch with da-da during his lunch break? The Stuffed Badger is so conveniently located opposite his work place, and so thankful that we managed to find street parking that day.

Our lunch time is unpredictable and it all depended on Grace's nap time. We arrived around 11.30 and were the first there. It is quite a tiny restaurant, with only three workers (including the chef). Considering that, the flow and service of The Stuffed Badger were smooth and impeccable.

Flat white and chai latte

Now, let's talk about the food. It is mostly tapas style with some mains. Firstly, we had a flat white and a chai latte, both good. Making sure that Grace will have some lunch, I ordered spaghetti bolognaise for her, and this little one just keep slurping the noodles asking for more. I had a taste myself, and indeed a damn good spaghetti bolognaise but probably a touch oily from the basil verde.

Spaghetti bolognaise with basil verde and shaved parmesan - $25

One of Mr's favourite food is liver parfait and we had the chicken liver parfait. He could not stop beaming and commented that it was delicious. Ahaha, I had to pass after one bite. 

Chicken liver parfait with house made quince jam - $12

Next up, we had the bolognaise and mozarella arancini balls and these were pretty amazing. Surprisingly Grace had few bites of these too as she does not like to eat rice! 

Bolognaise and mozzarella arancini balls with tomato relish -$12

This was followed by the polenta crusted salt and pepper calamari. It is interesting tasting the texture of the polenta over the soft tender calamari and I would say this is quite a good combination. 

Polenta salt and pepper crusted calamari -$16

Hmm... I was still quite hungry after all these and ordered the special of the day, which was fried chicken wings. OMG! This must be the best chicken wings I ever had for a long time! I was not worried about dirtying my fingers (plenty of wet wipes available) and just started biting on the crispy skin, yet moist and tender meat. So moreish! 

Fried chicken wings

Both of us returned home so happy, and sadly for da-da he had to return back to work! 

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