Pu Kwong Vegetarian Restaurant

Pu Kwong Vegetarian, Springwood

I rarely go out for Chinese food. However, after knowing SaC, he has been introducing me to the Chinese food out there in Brisbane. This time, a vegetarian restaurant. It is not a fancy restaurant but one that focuses on serving vegetarian food. Glancing through the menu, words like 'chicken', 'duck', 'fish', 'beef' and more pop out. Those seafood and meat are actually made from mock meat or maybe some kind of tofu.

Too much on offer and getting more difficult to decide, we finally opted for these:

Vegetarian Fish in Sprouts Sauce - $13.80

I got no idea what's sprouts sauce is ... It tasted starchy, non-spicy, salty with chopped capsicums. Anyway, this dish was all right. I guess what make it 'fish' is the characteristic seaweed around it. 

Duck with plum sauce -$14.80

The 'duck' with plum sauce is my second favourite dish. *Scroll down for my favourite dish* Obviously not as good as the real duck, the texture and taste was quite similar. Pretty good!

Pan Fried Vegetarian Bean Curd Roll -$5

This bean curd roll served as an entree rather than a main meal is purely vegetarian. It has some sliced vegetables (carrots and mushrooms mostly) cooked in oyster sauce (vegetarian). I think it's quite delicious actually.

Salt & Pepper Eel Fillets - $13.80

Thinking that we did not have enough food, we ordered another dish which is the 'eel' fillets. This was my least favourite dish ... maybe because I was too full by then or the 'eel' fillets were just quite dry in my opinion. It is probably better to have a dipping sauce by the side?

Light Fried Radish in Pastry -$7.50 (3 pcs)

Close-up shot of the radish pastry!

My favourite of all?

The fried radish in pastry. The pastry was really flaky and the fillings of shredded radish was good. SaC had to pre-order this during the booking to ensure that we will have some during dinner. I recalled that they told us it was sold out that night but luckily we have pre-ordered!

Overall, we had a good dining experience here. It can be difficult to communicate with the waitress due to the language barrier. (Make sure you confirm your orders!) It is definitely an eye-opener to have experienced these vegetarian meals in Brisbane.

Spending time here also reminded me of the 9-day vegetarian festival back home ...

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