Paw Paw Cafe

Pawpaw Cafe, Woolloogabba

As promised, this is the post of PawPaw Cafe, which is just opposite Foxy Bean! SaC and myself went to Pawpaw Cafe quite a while ago back in November 2012. A few parking spots are available just behind the cafe and we were lucky then to get a spot!

I love Pawpaw Cafe! It exudes a much relaxing ambience with simple decor...


SaC and myself took our own sweet time deciding what to have that day. Well, I was tossing between the 'Baked Eggs' or 'Corn Fritters' and I finally chose the 'Baked Eggs' while SaC had the 'Quinoa & Potato Hash Cakes'.


But first up... our drinks!

Their coffee is from Campos and I had the usual skinny flat white. SaC had his English Breakfast tea.

English Breakfast tea

Skinny Flat White

My 'Baked Eggs' - with tomato sofrito, organic feta, chorizo & dukkah
PS: What is sofrito? I got no idea in the first place. Wiki says it is a type of base which consists of garlic, onion, peppers and tomatoes, cooked in olive oil. ;)

Baked Eggs - $14.90

The baked eggs looked quite oily at first glance but it is actually the tomato sofrito. It was quite a good meal. I am just wondering whether it was too salty with the combination of chorizo and feta? Anyway, it doesn't matter, it was delicious that I had to use the bread to soak up the sauce and spices!

SaC's Quinoa & Potato hash cakes - served with grilled haloumi & beetroot relish

Quinoa and Potato Hash Cakes- $13.90
Three huge hash cakes were served for SaC with perfectly grilled haloumi. I love haloumi! What is lacking in this dish is some kind of sauce or more sauce is needed actually. I think it is a little too dry. Otherwise, crispy hash cakes but a little bland mixture of quinoa and potato ... SaC commented that he was so full after this meal.

I think Pawpaw is a nice cafe and I am sure that I will return one day.

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