The Smoke BBQ

The Smoke BBQ, New Farm

According to Flickr, these pictures were taken back in November 2012! How many moons ago was that? ;)

Three of us (YL, her sister (AL) and myself) visited The Smoke BBQ prior to AL's graduation. A big congratulation to you Miss Engineer! Haha! YL being very organised, had already made a booking in this busy restaurant. There is two entrance to this place depending on where you park.


All I know about this place is their famous BBQ wings and it sounded like we need to try them. But first up, we were given two pieces of complimentary corn bread and it came with some kind of butter? I still could not figure what that was...

Corn Bread

As far as I can remember, the corn bread had some slight spiciness to it. That was the second time I tried corn bread, but I think it was pretty good. I remembered just spreading the bread with the light, creamy butter?

Looking at the menu, the food seemed expensive to our budget. So, we opted for a starter and a main to share. We ordered their Buffalo chicken wings ($16).

Buffalo Chicken Wings

The crispy buffalo chicken wings came together with the blue cheese dressing and some celery twigs. The waitress will bring an empty bucket for the bone disposal, which is very thoughtful. We were certainly not ladylike that night... Using our fingers to devour the chicken wings. Hmm.... I think the wings were all right. They were indeed crispy but the flavour just did not suit me and the blue cheese dressing was pretty watery. 

For our mains, we had the 'Pork and Chicken Platter' ($50).
Pork and Chicken Platter

This meal include 'Memphis Pork Belly with a side of Memphis sauce, North Carolina Pulled Pork and a half Hickory Chicken with a side of Memphis BBQ served with fried and coleslaw'. Since it was quite long ago, I just recalled the meat being very tender and flavourful with the BBQ sauce. The chips were crunchy and the coleslaw added some freshness towards the whole dish. I quite like them. 

Overall, we had a good time that night, mostly talking about AL's post graduation Tasmanian trip.  

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