Hanwoori, Brisbane CBD

Hmm... after wandering around in the city looking for Korean food, we finally walked into Hanwoori for an 'All you can eat BBQ buffet!' for $30 per person. We did not make any bookings but luckily a couple of seats are available. Each table has an electric grill with a 'bell' button on the side. 

Not to worry if you don't know where to start! There is an instruction sheet available to assist. :)


There is a cold, hot and meat section organised at the corner of the restaurant. The raw meat consisted of different types of pork and beef with some seafood such as octopus and prawns. There is also the option of marinated meat.

While waiting for our meat to cook, we started on some of the hot food available such as fried rice, chicken, honey pork, spring rolls, sushi and not to forget their 'jap chae'. I really enjoy eating the 'jap chae'! I reminded myself not to over-indulge in their cooked food... the aim is for their BBQ meats!


I guess one thing you will notice at Hanwoori is that they recommend to use of baking paper for the grilling process and advise not to cook the food until they are burnt! The  staffs are always happy to come around to change the baking paper.



We tried most of the meats available from the chicken and pork belly (non and marinated) as well as different beef selections. I much prefer the marinated meats instead of the plain single ones. I think the beef cuts were all right, you certainly have to ask Mr for his opinion! Although the prawns were quite big, some of them weren't as fresh as I was hoping them to be. 

For $30 per person, it was a reasonable price for an all-you-can eat BBQ. There is certainly less smoke from this BBQ grill but we still left the place with smoke lingering...

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