Billy Kart Kitchen

Billy Kart Kitchen, Annerley

Hot off the press! This post is probably the fastest that I blogged about! 

Billy Kart Kitchen is the first breakfast spot I visited in 2014, actually, just this morning. It will probably be quite a while before my next spot as I will be in Mt Isa for three months. Let's pray and hope that I will survive the heat and the 'torture'. LOL!

Instead of packing and cleaning, I decided to treat myself with some food. Yup, I am quite a procrastinator! Billy Kart Kitchen is nestled in a quiet neighbourhood of Annerley and parking is ample. Tick!


There was already a queue this morning but I do not have to wait long. Why? The food service is quick considering how busy the kitchen was. Steering clear from the sweet food, I was left with the options of corn fritters, eggs with King prawns and more eggs of your liking!

Billy Kart's Menu

I decided to have the 'crispy corn fritters, grilled avocado, heirloom tomatoes' with a side serve of 'apple and cider pork sausage'. 

Corn fritters, grilled avocado and heirloom tomatoes -$16

Apple and cider pork sausages -$4.50

The corn fritters did not disappoint at all! They were indeed crispy and delicious! The fritters were soft on the inside (I'm unsure whether there's any mashed potato or was it just the batter?) and the outside crispy! The fresh salad of different tomatoes, with basil and chilli definitely hit the spot and balance the dish. 

You can definitely taste some sweetness in the pork sausages possibly from the apple cider. The fat sausages were not dry and quite tasty.

Chai Tea 

Staying clear from coffee for now (as I will need them in a couple of weeks), I ordered their chai tea. I think it is probably one of the good chai out there. 

Well, not a bad start for 2014 eh?! Looking forward to more good cafes in Brisbane upon returning from Mt Isa....

PS I saw Mr O'Donoghue in the kitchen while paying at the cashier. Ahaha.. lucky day!

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