Rogue Bar and Bistro

Rogue Bar and Bistro, Newstead
Writing blogs jog my memory not only about the food I had, but also to bring me back to the  moments I had with my company. Rogue Bar and Bistro is one of my favourite restaurant although I had visited this place once only. Finally, the Mr and myself both had the time together for dinner at Rogue. Street parking is ample and it was so convenient. 

The menu in Rogue Bar is quite simple, mainly with the name of the protein for each meal. For example: pig, fish, poultry and many more... Reading through the menu, we decided on two entrees, two main meals and three side dishes. We do tend to order our 'frequent flyers' and there was no exception that night. For entrees, we had the calamari and the duck dumplings. 

The lightly battered calamari was cooked to perfection, really tender and soft. The squid ink aioli with the pickled onion were a nice addition to the dish. Delicious!

Duck dumplings
Well, what about the duck dumplings or wantons? They were crispy and I think we both enjoyed the flavourful filling. Wish we could have more!

Now for mains, the Mr had his eye on the beef while I finally decided on the chicken.

Oopsy, the lighting for Mr's meal is quite dark. The Mr is not a fan of mushroom and he certainly was not that enthused when he saw a mountain of sliced mushrooms on his beef! Ahaha! I was happy eat his mushrooms. The meat was cooked well, but was quite rare to my liking. Otherwise, not too bad.

As for my chicken roulade, I think they were cooked to just the right level. If the chef had taken it out a few minutes earlier, it would have been under cook. I thought this meal was all right. I did not enjoy it as I thought I would be. The pepita or sunflower seeds and sesame seeds added some crunch to the dish but I was hoping for more flavours.

We ordered chips (2 servings) and broccoli tempura as our side dish. Who would have thought that deep fried vegetable can be so tasty? I really enjoy the broccoli. I think it was steamed until quite soft and then deep fried. The contrasting texture of soft broccoli with the crunchy batter was amazing. It was one of my favourite meal of the night!

Well, we had a great time at Rogue, albeit a near heated argument at the start of our night. I am glad we managed to talk through the issues and certainly appreciate the Mr's patience. Hope to return one day and try their new menu! :)

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