Cafe de Siam

Cafe de Siam, Paddington

Finally, I have the time to sit down and update my blog! Last few weeks have been busy and not to mention a holiday trip to Tasmania ... :)

Cafe de Siam is unknown to me until my housemate, Klin told me about it. It is her favourite Thai restaurant. Being a Thai herself, she obviously knows better than me what makes good and delicious Thai food! So, on our way to Paddington to visit Cafe de Siam for her birthday (this is back in August!)....

As a frequent flyer, Klin is well-known to the owner of this shop and she had no trouble deciding what food to have for dinner!

Klin already had her mind on the Crispy fish salad.

Crispy Fish Salad - $16.90
Fresh salad mix, lemongrass, mint tossed with a dash of chilli jam and lime juice dressing with crushed peanuts

What's amazing about this dish was the freshness of the salad, the crispiness of the fish and the dressing! The salad dressing was really simple with a hint of sourness from the lime juice and the spiciness of the chilli (Just don't bite into the seeds, they are so hot!). I have to say it's pretty good.

We ordered two bowls of rice - jasmine rice and organic brown rice (A bit expensive though). 

Hmm... There were other options in the menu that are eye-catching such as the 'Son-in-law's eggs' and pad thai. I have always wanted to try the egg dish after watching MasterChef. But anyway, we opted for one of the recommended chef dish:

Roast duck with ginger garlic -$21.90
Roasted crispy skin duck on green vegetables, stir fried
with ginger and garlic sauces

The duck skin was crispy and the meat was not too dry after roasting. It's quite a simple dish, with a balanced sauce to accompany the dish. Not too bad...

We were about to leave but the waitress came out with a surprise for Klin! Walking and singing a birthday song for her... they are so sweet! This dessert is known as the 'roti pancake' with bananas. They were pretty good.

Dessert- Roti with bananas (on the house)

Both of us had such a good time that night and we were so full!

Cafe de Siam is certainly different from other Thai restaurant. I would say it has its own 'personality' by trying to make Thai food 'modern' but still keeping to its true nature of keeping Thai's flavour. Makes sense? ;)

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  1. The duck look sooooo good. I can never have to much crispy skin duck. I love that it comes with a ginger garlic sauce. Will have to stop by this place soon.


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