E'cco Bistro

E'cco Bistro, Brisbane CBD
Sometimes we just need to stop and treat ourselves after a hard week. Don't you think so? I had quite a difficult long week (few weeks ago) and I decided to treat myself to something delicious! After a successful last minute reservation, MXM and myself went to E'cco Bistro. 

The service is always impeccable in E'cco. I first visited this place with Grace and the fond memories of this place remained. 

First up, we had free servings of fresh bread with four choices on offer. I opted for the fig bread which turned out to be a wise choice. The bread was warm and soft, even better when spread with the butter!

At first glance of the menu, I already knew what I wanted to have for both entree and main. After watching a few episodes of MKR, I really wanted to try the quail on offer in E'cco. 

Crispy fried quail, sauteed asian greens, ginger, sesame, garlic chips and chilli jam -$24.50

The quail was cooked to such perfection! The meat was tender, soft and flavourful.... Yum! I enjoyed the chilli jam, well balanced with sweetness and spiciness in this dish. If the quail can be boneless, that will be even better. While MXM utilised his cutleries, I had to resort to my fingers... 

Potato gnocchi, chestnuts, jerusalem artichokes, reggiano and black trumpet cream -$22.50

MXM opted for the potato gnocchi. I tried one of the gnocchi and indeed it was like a 'fluffy pillow'. It was so soft and certainly a delight to taste it!

It never escaped me that my favourite for mains would be either pork or duck. I do not eat beef and that usually narrow down my options. That night, my heart sings for some duck meat instead of pork belly. 

Confit duck, celeriac puree, roast leeks, plum and baby pears,
kale and jus 
pruneau -$42.50

Where should I even start? The duck meat was cooked to perfection, leaving the meat soft and tender. I really enjoyed this meal with its smooth celeriac puree, crunchy baby pears and crispy kale. Hmm.. I do not fancy the roast leeks because the outermost layer tend to be 'stringy'. 

Roast pork belly, spiced sweet potato, sweet corn, tomato,
coriander and cacao jus -$39.50

MXM opted for the roasted pork belly. They were served on a bed of mix sweet corns, sweet potato and diced tomatoes. My eyes wandered towards his scrumptious pork belly with its crispy skins. LOL! I did not try them but he said they were really good! 

We really enjoyed the food in E'cco. You know the food is amazing when there is silence in our table!

Complimentary chocolate before leaving...

E'cco is definitely a favourite place of mine. I love it! 

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