Brother Espresso

Brother Espresso, Bulimba
Where to get breakfast on a public holiday? After visiting MXM at his new place, we went for a search nearby and found Brother Espresso in Bulimba, who still caters on a public holiday. Awesome!

The cafe is attached to a shop that I assume belongs to the same owner, that sells bread, and good quality produce. I was in need of a good cuppa of coffee and quickly ordered my usual flat white and long black for MXM. 

Flat White
The coffee was smooth. I like it! It has been a while since I last had a good quality coffee.


Brother's Espresso menu is simple and I ordered the green eggs and ham, and MXM had the brekkie burger. 

Brekkie Burger - $11.50
Green eggs and ham - $15
The food in Brothers Espresso certainly looked simple and easy to assemble. I enjoyed my pesto scrambled eggs with the toast, the flavour of the pesto quite distinct and flavourful. It was quite nice.

Well, I think the highlight for me was their coffee. Lol, maybe because I have been deprived of caffeine for some time... :)

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