Birthday celebration at Kabuki, Brisbane CBD
So, the Mr surprised me and took me to Kabuki for my birthday! I was certainly surprised by his choice and the clue he gave me prior was 'entertainment'. Lol, teppanyakki did not cross my mind at all.

Even on a weekday, Kabuki was busy with customers. Luckily the Mr made a booking and we were allocated to one of the tables. Shortly enough, we were asked to order from the set menu, prices ranging from $56.50 to $98.50. Ahem... the Mr pampered me that night and he said we should go for the best one, which was the 'RAN' set menu for $98.50 per person. The RAN menu consisted of sashimi, sushi, tempura prawn and vegetables and the main meat options for us were the jumbo scallops, lobster tail and Black Angus beef fillet.

Sashimi and sushi, tempura and gyoza
So not long after, our entrees arrived. We enjoyed the fresh salmon as well as our prawn sushi. We did order additional entrees (California rolls) and gyoza while waiting for the action to start! The tempura prawns and vegetables are right on the spot. 
Once our chef has finished cooking for the opposite table, he started preparing our main meals. Let me say, the meats were cooked to perfection and they were fresh. 

Scallops, Angus beef and lobster tail

Preparing the scallops

The chef normally cooked one selection of meat and once all diners have finished their food, he will start on the next one. Ooh, the jumbo scallops cooked in miso mayonnaise were really good and I wished for more. Yum! 

So, next is the 'entertainment' section. It is fried rice time and everyone on the table was given a plastic disposable apron. Why? Because it is 'egg-catching' time! The chef will flip an egg towards the diner and we were supposed to catch it with a small tea cup.... Guess what? I missed and some of the egg white landed on my dress... Well, luckily the waitress is ready on the side to hand me some wet towels. It was a fun affair. 

Finally, it is dessert time. That night we had the options of green tea or sesame ice cream. The green tea ice cream was good and creamy. 

Green tea ice cream

Guess what? I was not the only birthday girl that night. I counted and there were at least 3-4 people. Our chef used either sugar or salt and he wrote those words upside down. Kudos to our chef. We were certainly entertained that night and the food was good. It was expensive, partly because we have a chef cooking for us and as well as the entertainment factor.
The Mr has certainly made this year's birthday very memorable! :) Thank you my dear!

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