Goodness Gracious Cafe

Goodness Gracious Cafe, Graceville

Well, hello 2015! Goodness Gracious Cafe was cafe No 1 that I visited in 2015! After a long hiatus and procrastination, I am hoping that I will be able to continue blogging despite my future multiple relocations this year. 

Year 2014 had been daunting at first but it turned out to be exciting and a great learning curve in my life. I made good friends and one of them is ChS. It was time to catch up with him before he embarked his next journey in Western Australia.


It was just a random encounter that I found this cafe. It looked enticing from the outside, hence I suggested ChS to visit this place. We had to wait for about 10-15 minutes before we got seated, thankfully.

It must have been a busy day because our coffees arrived after we finished our meals. The single origin coffee and the cold drip luckily did not disappoint. I do not add sugar to my coffee usually but that day I just had to try their coconut sugar.

Cold drip and single origin coffee (flat white)
Coconut sugar?!?
Reading through the menu, it seemed that the theme of the food relates to the current trend of consuming healthy superfood. The 62 degrees eggs caught my eye, so I chose the smoked salmon. 

Smoked Salmon - $19
The smoked salmon came with sprouted quinoa, shaved asparagus, goats cheese, mustard salad and my highly anticipated 62 degrees eggs. It was my first tastebud sensation of these eggs and they are quite interesting. Lol, I think they are like underdone hard boiled egg but involving both egg white and yolk... Overall, a good meal.

ChS wanted some 'meat', so he ordered the 'Bacon and Eggs' with the addition of mushrooms.

Bacon and Eggs - $12

I think the winner of his meal was the mushrooms. The herbs were flavourful and the mushrooms cooked well. One of his poached eggs was overcooked, but otherwise an excellent dish.

We both really enjoyed our time here in Goodness Gracious Cafe. Certainly a lovely addition to the suburb!

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