Gertrude and Mabel

Gertrude and Mabel, Woolloongabba
I enjoy my days off and one day, I took the time to visit my old neighbourhood in Dutton Park/Highgate Hill and I noted the small little cute cafe around the corner. Parking is available on the street parking and quite ample. Gertrude and Mabel is delicately decorated and I enjoyed the small little details like cloth napkins on the table.

Reading through the menu, there were only 6 breakfast options making elimination fairly easy. Finally I ordered the loukaniko (pork sausages) meal with a cup of flat white.

Flat white
Loukaniko on ciabatta, smashed peas, goats cheese and lemon mayo - $14
My flat white was quite good, but I was more distracted by my pork sausages meal. Who would have thought that sausages can be beautifully presented like that? I thoroughly enjoyed every element of the meal individually, and even better when I mixed the smashed peas with a piece of sausage with the mayo or the goat's cheese. Yum!

The service here is attentive and I think Gertrude and Mabel is certainly a gem in this neighbourhood. :)

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