Jacu Espresso

Jacu Espresso, Camp Hill
Recently, MXM has been very keen in playing tennis, so we caught up one day and fuel ourselves with caffeine and sugar prior to our tennis session. Haha! As we are both pretty amateur, we spent most of the time picking and collecting the balls...

Well, MXM took me to Jacu cafe in Camp Hill, and this cafe is situated at the junction of the main roads, with some parking spots available in the building. Unbeknownst to me, I just realised that 'Jacu' is a type of bird that eats on coffee beans which then poo the perfectly processed beans. Does that sound similar to 'kopi luwak'?


There were plenty of options to choose from and I had a difficulty time deciding. Finally, I just went ahead with the poached eggs, toasted Turkish fingers with housemade dukkah, while MXM had the brioche french toast with the whipped ricotta.

Poached eggs, toasted Turkish fingers, rocket with housemade dukkah - $12
My meal was very simple and I was not that impressed with it. The housemade dukkah was certainly the winner of the component of this meal but everything was just too simple. Overall, an okay dish.

Brioche french toast, anise roast peach, whipped ricotta, toasted almonds, cinnamon - $15
However, MXM's french toast was just too difficult to ignore. It came with slab of whipped ricotta sandwiched between the brioche french toast, drizzled with honey and cinnamon. I am not an experienced ricotta taster myself but it was just so delicious! I certainly envied his meal more than mine... 

As for its coffee, I thought it was pleasant and smooth. I would have to ask the expert opinion from MXM but overall a good cuppa of coffee.

Jacu Espresso seems like a nice addition to the neighbourhood.

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