Chester Street Bakery

Chester Street Bakery and Bar, Fortitude Valley

Going out to a restaurant and café especially on a public holiday is a risky one. I guess it all depends on which café we choose though. On the Anzac public holiday, MXM and myself decided to go to Chester Street Bakery for brunch. We had to wait long, really long for seats and for our food to arrive. I was so tempted to order one of its colourful cake on display just to satisfy my hungry stomach.

As it was quite a warm day, I ordered one of its pressed juices while MXM had his usual long black; both reasonably good.

Long Black
Pineapple, orange, carrot and passionfruit juice - $8.50

As for our meals, I had the 'falafel with poached eggs, spinach and tahini yoghurt'. I was not impressed at all looking at my meal.

Falafel with 'poached eggs', spinach and tahini yoghurt -$18.90

At a glance, I knew my poached eggs have been overcooked, and it is like eating hard boiled eggs. Without the oozing egg yolk, the dish was extremely dry, more so with the minimal amount of sauce, fresh spinach and dry falafel. I could not make myself to finishing my meal. I was disappointed.

Fish Tacos: snapper, red cabbage, coriander and pineapple salsa -$17.90

As for MXM’s fish taco, it looked more appetizing than mine. He commented that it was all right, cooked well, but the flavour was just balanced.

I think one experience itself cannot and should not be used to judge Chester Street Bakery. It may just because it was a public holiday and they had a busier load of clientele. But I would not be returning for now.

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