Lobster Bar and Grill

Lobster Bar and Grill, Shangri-La Hotel, Admiralty, Hong Kong

Dear readers, I am finally back to the blogging world after being stagnant for the last 6 months or so! After a stint in Mt Isa working, I have been busy juggling work while trying to organise my wedding with the Mr. I cannot believe it but it has been more than 2 months since marriage. :)

After our tea ceremony and wedding reception in Penang, we stopped by in Hong Kong for our mini honeymoon, and the Mr surprised me with a dinner date at Lobster Bar and Grill in the Shangri-La Hotel. While it may be a bar, there is a dedicated section of restaurant for diners like us to have dinner. Knowing that we are newlyweds and currently enjoying our honeymoon, the waiter seated us in a half circular table at a quieter corner.

Well, let's get to the food! Since their specialty is LOBSTER, I could not miss not having some. While we were discussing and tossing what to eat, a waiter placed a basket of bread delicacies in front of us, with a plate of soft butter. Oh gosh, I think I started salivating looking at the soft bread...

Complimentary bread rolls

While nibbling onto the variety of soft bread and garlic toasts, we decided on our meals. For entree, we had the 'Blue Crab Cakes'. I thought they were quite tasty with a subtle hint of crab taste. The organic vegetable salad with kimchi flavour added some freshness to the dish.

Blue crab cakes HK$320

Not too long after, our plain-looking lobster bisque arrived. While it may be simple, trust me, it was so darn flavourful! You can smell lobster and taste the lobster... I tore a piece of the bread roll and soak all the delicious bisque with it. Yum!

Lobster bisque- HK$190

As everything on the menu sounded so tempting, we opted for their signature dish including the 'Duo of beef' and their 'Boston Lobster, served Thermidor style'. I started having the beef and the Mr had to stare at me, because of the 'Ooh and Aah' from my end. The beef fillet was cooked to our liking: medium, and it was really good. I have only started eating beef a few months ago and I had to say it is probably the best steak I had! The short ribs were so tender, and they all went well with the duck liver.

US beef fillet and 72 hr slow cooked Wagyu short ribs, pan fried duck liver -HK$450

Beef fillet - medium

Our thermidor lobster came in a generous size and I had to say it was pretty moreish. The fresh pieces of lobster in the cheesy sauce was cooked well and I am thankful, that we ordered some fresh beans to accompany this quite heavy meal. 

Thermidor lobster - HK$590

Side dish - Green beans

While we thought we were ending our night soon, the waiter came and surprised us with a plate of dessert! The chocolate fondant was cooked perfectly with the chocolate sauce oozing out, and the pistachio ice cream added a nice balance to the meal.

Chocolate fondant
We both enjoyed our dinner at Lobster Bar and Grill that night. The ambience was lovely, topped with an attentive service from the waiters. I have to say the restaurant's signature mocktail had me at first sip...  :)



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