Malaya Corner

Malaya Corner, Sunnybank

Once in a while, I will crave for some food especially hawker food. Those from Malaysia or Singapore will probably know how cheap and delicious food are back home. So, when I have sudden cravings, Malaya Corner or Little Singapore is the place I go to. Still, I can't  put which one is better than the other.

Generally, food is comparatively cheaper and with huge servings. (This rule does applies to most shops in Sunnybank). Well, I would say that they are pretty authentic, nonetheless still can't be compared to the ones back home. But, they are good enough to satisfy my cravings.

Some of the random dishes I tried in Malaya Corner: 

'Ying-yeong' Coffee and tea milk drink
Farewell dinner with Grace and we ordered a Hainanese Chicken Rice and curry laksa.

Hainanese Chicken Rice
I've tried both Hainanese chicken rice in Little Singapore and Malaya Corner. Hmm... I think they are both pretty good. Here, they do give extra dipping sauce which is the garlic ginger sauce. Overall, a good dish. 

Curry Laksa
This was quite a hearty dish, full of flavour with lots of ingredients (fish balls, fish cakes, tofu, squid, grean beans, eggplants etc). Grace and myself were contemplating which one was better? The curry laksa from Laksa Hut or Malaya Corner? Too difficult to decide, maybe you guys can be the judges? I find that the ones in Laksa Hut are a little bit more dilute in comparison to Malaya Corner, but flavourwise, they are both good.

One of my favorite dish is 'Char Koay Kak' which is similar to fried radish or fried 'lo pak ko'. The ones in Malaya Corner taste all right but just be warned that it's a really simple dish, made of radish cakes, bean sprouts and eggs. 

Overall, a good place to savour some Asian dishes. 

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