Taste Gallery

Taste Gallery, Sunnybank

Date visited: 30th Dec 2011

I remember walking past Taste Gallery not long after it was opened. Long queues can be seen outside the restaurant. Unfortunately, I wasn't born to be as patient as them. Finally, the opportunity arrived for me to dine in Taste Gallery. YL and myself had lunch here, but with only two diners, we didn't order that much.

Their signature dish (I assume):

Multicolour's Mini Pork Buns (4 pcs) - $6.50
Spinach, Purple cabbage, Pumpkin and Carrot flavours
When eating xiao-long-baos "mini dragon buns", one must pick them up gently so that we don't puncture them (since the dumpling skin is thin and soft). Take a bite and quickly suck the juice out from them (just like a vampire), LOL! Try it with some sliced ginger and soya sauce.

The pork meat was delicious but we both realised that the flavours were barely discernable. But, overall a tasty xiao-long-bao. I'll order the plain ones in the future.

Stir fried noodles with duck meat - $12.80
One of my favourite meat is duck! Instead of the usual fried rice, we opted for the stir fry noodles with duck. I like this dish. Not sure what sauce they used but the flavour was simple and tasty. 

Pan Fried Pork Buns (4pcs) -$4.90
This is probably the least favourite of the three dishes. I think the dough was too thick, resulting in a lower ratio of meat content. Flavourwise, it was pretty bland.

Hmmm.... I'll still return one day for their xiao-long-baos and maybe try other dishes too.

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