Fifth Battery Coffee Roasters

Fifth Battery Coffee Roasters, Fortitude Valley

After a four hour lecture in First Aid Course, I had my lunch break finally. I was in a desperate need of caffeine to keep myself awake and alert for the afternoon session. Imagine doing 30 chest compression cyclically without any energy? My 'dummy' certainly wouldn't have survived. :)

'Fifth Battery Coffee Roasters' is only a few minutes walk away from St John Ambulance.

It's a pretty cool place, quite spacious with seats at the end of this cafe. 

I ordered my usual skinny flat white. The coffee was smooth and not too bitter.

Skinny Flat White
Browsing through the breakfast and lunch menu, I finally opted for the 'Breakie Burger' although Sand crab lasagne with abalone sauce does sound tempting!

Breakie Burger - $9
Organic sourdough, fresh avocado, prosciutto crudo, vintage cheddar
sunny side up egg and aioli 
Yum yum yum! Those combination goes really well. It was simple yet delicious. The creamy avocado and melted cheese certainly blend well with the crunchy prosciutto.  

I'll be back one day!

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