The Journey to the West! 

It took less than 2 hours to Toowoomba (largest non-capital inland city) from Brisbane. Together with AQ, we were on the way to visit MXM. The weather wasn't promising with the grey clouds on the horizon.

Anyway, first pit-stop: Engine Room Cafe

Once in Toowoomba, MXM took control of the wheel and brought us sight-seeing. The 'city' is tiny in comparison to Brisbane! To fill our hungry tummies, we had brunch in Engine Room Cafe, with a souvenir shop attached to it. 

We ordered at the counter and had a skinny flat white. I think the coffee was OK, I wasn't really a big fan of it. 

Flat White - $3.70

AQ had French toast. He wiped clean his plate. I'm assuming it's good.

French Toast

As for myself, I ordered the Eggs Benedict.

Eggs Benedict - $15
Poached eggs, hollandaise sauce with mushrooms and toast

It's definitely not the best Eggs Benedict that I had. The hollandaise sauce was too thick and creamy, while the mushrooms quite dry. Otherwise, the toast and poached eggs were excellent.

MXM had the Craig Special.

Craig Special -$15.50
Rye toast, avocado, leg hams, poached eggs, hollandaise sauce and relish

Basically it's the alternative version of Eggs Benedict with the addition of avocado and relish by the side. MXM wasn't as 'picky' as me. He quite like this dish.

Engine Room Cafe on Urbanspoon

After that, we made our journey to Picnic Point, recommended by Ben. It's just a small hike to the lookout overlooking this 'Table Top hill'. I actually called it the 'Bald Hill' considering there's only one lonely tree atop of this hill. But, was later corrected by a lovely lady passing by. :)

Table Top Hill

106 km away from Brisbane!

After more sight-seeing and movie (John Carter), we landed in 'The Everest Spice Tandoori and Curry House' for dinner. It has already started to rain by now.

The restaurant is pretty small and it seems to cater more for take-away. Service that night was slow; from taking orders to receiving meals and even payment. Putting that aside, the meals were pretty good. However, AQ did commented that those weren't really as authentic as it should be.

Due to the miscalculation by the cashier, it took sometime before we can exit the restaurant. Otherwise, the meals are quite enjoyable albeit the slow service. 

The Everest Spice Tandoori and Curry House on Urbanspoon

AQ and myself continued the journey home afterwards. Luckily, somebody was around to keep me awake during the drive ... so full and sleepy after dinner!


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