Brew, Brisbane CBD

At this moment, I am about 970 km away from Brisbane... I cannot believe it but I am going to say this: I miss Brisbane! I have only been away for a week but this boredom is killing me softly (with the music as the background). :)

Well, I visited Brew (which has been on my wishlist since 2011) quite a while ago after finishing up an errand in the city on a weekday. Walking into Brew does brought me memories of my time back in Melbourne, with cafes in lane ways. 


Prior to entering the cafe, people are already queuing for take-away coffees here:


As for myself, I just made my way into the cove like restaurant, walking past the bar on the right. There are plenty of seats available depending on your comfort of choice whether you prefer wooden chairs, comfy sofas or even benches. Luckily I arrived before 11 am which meant that breakfast was still available!

Looking through the menu I was really contemplating of either the baked mushrooms with brie or the corn fritter with haloumi....


In the end, I settled with the corn fritters since I have not had corn fritters for a very long time. Two pieces of corn fritters were served with chilli jam with a poached egg.

Corn fritter with haloumi - $15

I love the presentation of this dish. Simple and lovely. There was a generous piece of haloumi, cooked well and not overly done. The corn fritters were quite delicious as well with generous amount of corn and they were not too flour-y. My criticism was that I want more of the well-balanced chilli jam. Unfortunately, they have overcooked my poached egg. Otherwise quite a good executed dish.

To accompany my meal and my book 'Inferno', I have a cappuccino for a change. 


I enjoyed my time in Brew and hopefully I will have the opportunity to return one day. 

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