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Lab Bar + Restaurant, Brisbane CBD

This is a very belated birthday dinner post for myself!

Haha, my birthday celebration was months ago! Last year 25th September was on a Tuesday and I had to celebrate it two days earlier! But it does not matter, as long as I was spending my birthday with THE ONE....

I had no idea where the dinner was going to be until I was driven to the city and whisked into the Treasury Casino, walking into Lab Bar Restaurant. I was ecstatic. The ambience was calming and the waitresses were very polite and welcoming. I am sure the menu would have change now but I would like to share my sweet memories then...


Browsing through the menu, the Lab Bar has so much to offer (making decision-making quite difficult), especially for a Libran known to be quite indecisive. Anyhow, some words like scallops, pork belly, duck and lamb popped out to me!

We were given an amuse bouche to start with: 

Amuse Bouche
As far as I can remember, I think it was a croqueta with pork filling. It was pretty good but could not be compared to the ones I had in Ortiga last year.

For entrees, we ordered the scallops and pork belly to share.


The scallops were seared to perfection, not overly cooked and they tasted delicious. The lentils and curried sauce made quite a good accompaniment to the scallops.

Pork Belly

Two pieces of tender pork belly were served with some honey glaze sauce by the side, with a coin piece of puff pastry. It was quite good.


The Mr had the lamb dish cooked to medium perfection. I am still not much of a lamb fan but I remember the meat being quite tender and soft. Can you spot the similarity between the three meals so far? If not mistaken, the chef had been decorating using the same type of vegetable? :)

As for myself, I had the duck confit!

Duck confit

Since this was so long ago... But what struck my memory was the crispy skin of the duck confit with superbly tender meat. It did melt in my mouth (sort of) and the broad beans had been braised long enough to make them soft and flavourful. Both of us enjoyed dinner very much so that night. We ordered a mashed potato with truffle oil as our side dish. It was all right but our next door's beer battered fries had caught my eye!

I do think that I have sweet tooth occasionally and birthday girl deserves a dessert! Haha! There were quite a few choices but the deconstructed creme brulee caught my eye...

Creme brulee

Hmm... I think it was a caramel flavoured creme brulee with strawberry sauce, freeze dried strawberry and crumbles on the side. It was very creamy and sweet to both our likings but overall a delectable dessert. 

Surprise surprise from the house! They realised that it was my birthday (because I was reading my birthday card) and I was given complimentary chocolates! They are so sweet! <I mean Lab Bar restaurant by the way>

Complementary chocolates

Both of us had such an amazing night and it was one of my best and memorable birthday celebration ever! Thank you very much Mr for a lovely night!

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